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April 01, 2011

Tom Cruise, Alec Baldwin heading down to film Rock of Ages--in Ft. Lauderdale

Who can forget Tom Cruise (and wifebot Katie Holmes) boogeying down in the front row of the J-Lo concert during the Super Bowl a few years ago? Or that night the Cruises headed over to the unfortunately named, now defunct night spot Snatch? For those holding on to those memories, new ones may be available when Cruise heads down south next month to film the big screen version of the hit Broadway musical Rock of Ages, (shameless name drop alert!) whose producer Scott Prisand incidentally happens to be an old  a still very youthful high school chum and fellow Model UN delegate  student, of course. Thing is, if you want to stalk, you may have to schlep as the movie, says the Sun Sentinel, will be filming entirely in the Fort Lauderdale area. FLL, it seems, best resembles Venice Beach, CA, where ROA is set. They may be right, though we think the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk would be the best location. Anyway, joining Cruise in FLL are castmates Alec Baldwin, Paul Giamatti, Julianne Hough and Mary J. Blige. While the cast may indeed pop down to Miami during the two month shoot for a little R&R, we'll be surprised if Baldwin does. At a Hamptons Film Festival party a few years ago, the 30 Rock star told us unabashedly that he was no fan of the Magic City. Perhaps he's just holding a grudge over the reviews for his 1990 flick Miami Blues?


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I live in Fort Lauderdale and I have seen Baldwin hiding out in my favorite coffee shop. Now I know why. Being the same age as Baldwin and having lived in Miami during the time of Miami Blues I must say he nailed it. He is a brilliant actor and I thought the movie, the book and Baldwin captured the free wheeling empty decadence of Miami in the 80s perfectly. Screw the critics. I told him this as he scurried off to his Pilates class on his bike but I do not think he noticed. NO big deal. He is right, Fort Lauderdale is much nicer than Miami now. At least for us 53 year olds. I will not be seeing this new film though. I just can't stand musicals. Good luck to him anyway.

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