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March 11, 2011

Real Housewives of Miami ratings real bad, but not the worst

Washington D.C. is thanking Miami for taking its place as Bravo's lowest rated of the Real Housewives franchise. Ratings for Tuesday night's third episode of the rightfully lambasted piece of tubular turd was an unimpressive 1.3 million viewers, but it was nine tenths of a point higher than the show's premiere (D.C. premiered to 1.6 million viewers), which, in a way, isn't so terrible considering the same mostly Miami residents and relatives of cast members (including, admittedly, yours truly, and only because the Herald is paying me to watch and Tweet my deep thoughts on this weapon of mass suck-tion) still stuck around to see if maybe, just maybe, things would improve. They didn't.

To put it into perspective, ratings for MTV's Teen Mom, airing on the same night at the same time, were 3.7 million. To be fair, RuPaul's Drag Race only had 0.483 million viewers (or, in laymen's terms, 483,000), so it's not the worst--numbers wise, that is. As for the recaps and the reviews--well, that's another story, one that's actually more amusing than the show itself.  The good news for the cast and what will remain of the audience is that there are only three episodes to go. Our unsolicited advice to the ladies responsible for making The Real Housewives of D.C. seem like Masterpiece Theatre? Lay low, don't add it to your resumes, don't call yourselves "celebrities," and, treat it like some of your surgical, uh, enhancements---deny, deny, deny and just pretend it never happened, ok?


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Buck Winthrop

In fairness to everyone involved--including the people who had a hand in casting this show--This was filmed a YEAR ago. It was not, at that point even planned to be a Real Housewives show. It was another concept. They hoped because it was not good enough as a stand alone show to piggy back onto the franchise but the result is just as bad either way. Leah Black seems to have watched every episode of every other RHW show and come up with what she feels is a winning persona. The rest of them are harmless, but unwatchable. Marysol and her mother should both audition for a horror movie they are so scary looking. So sad what this show portrays. It really does a diservice to Miami where there are so many wonderful women and people who are nothing like the image these dumb shows want to force feed us..


Ok so Thankfully we will not have to see another season of these boring and self involved woman. Ladies, the world world does not revolve around you.


I just feel like a show about rich woman in Miami is not very appealing at this time; especially when times are so rough for the majority of Miamians right now. I really don't want to watch a show about a whole lot of rich women complaining about their problems. So what if the poor Brazilian chick can't pick up her son from school or the Cuban chick's son want's to buy his girl a $600 ring? Especially when I am a teacher who can't get a job to save my life right now and my house has lost over half of its value due to the millions of foreclosures all around me.


The show is definitely the worst. I couldn't watch the entire premiere. Not even the Beverly Hills wives were as horrible. These women were hideous picks for Miami reps.


Besides New Jersey and Beverley Hills, Miami was my favorite season yet! Mama Elsa is a character in herself, and all of the women are beautiful, and entertaining! Just give it a shot and watch the rest of the season. DC did suck and im glad its over. PLEASE BRAVO DONT STOP MIAMI HOUSEWIVES!!!!!


RH of Miami gets two big Thumbs Down! It will soon be pulled!

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