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March 17, 2011

Bravo airing live version of Real Housewives of Miami reunion

Doing live television is no easy feat. Just ask the capable cast of 30 Rock. But for some reason, Bravo thinks it's a good idea to go with a live version of the reunion show of The Real Housewives of Miami, says Entertainment Weekly. Save for the standard 7-second bleep delay, the April 5 telecast that will reunite the cast with the least chemistry since Rock Hudson and Susan St. James in McMillan and Wife will be aired totally live on the East Coast. No word on location just yet  In somewhat of a slap in Miami's face, unlike the other reunions usually filmed in the city in which the show took place, this show will be filmed in the Bravo "Clubhouse" in NYC.  More importantly, no word on what the Bravo folk were thinking other than the fact that, based on the show itself, clearly they weren't thinking at all. Even Andy Cohen sort of agrees, admitting that Miami is likely the last of the incessant, excessive Housewives series.  Yep, Miami killed it alright. So, will they roast another pig on the live show? Will Lea Black further the whole "thousand dollar a night hooker" thing with that Basketball Wives castoff Cristy Rice person? Will Scottie Pippen's wife schlep down from Fort Lauderdale? Will Marysol Patton's mother Elsa save, uh, face? Last but not least, will anyone show up? Based on the ratings and reviews, we're not so sure.


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Justo Sanchez

Real Housewives of Miami, just like Commissioner Seijas, is a sad commentary on the city. After women have struggled so hard to carve a space in the public sphere, intellectual circles, in aesthetic pursuits, to have this type of program is to engage in an obvious caricature and create a ratings-booster for the entertainment industry. This show uses women as consumerist shallow, socialite clowns. Why don't they have a show about the lives of female members of the Supreme Court?


This is an atrocious show and the sooner they cancel it, the better off Bravo will be. How would this not kill the whole series? These women! Ugh! This has made every Miamian -- and I mean REAL MIAMIAN, not the fly-by-night people that also move in this community -- feel like they wanted to hide under a rock! What a disgrace. We don't thank you, Bravo, for this ridiculous display of women who don't even look like they belong in Miami.


I understand the RHW of “named city” are supposed to be over the top, but these chics need to eat some humble pie. They think way too highly of themselves...and it's not for “show,” they truly believe the crap they are serving. They are not even a likeness to MIA’s superficial/social scene and they are certainly NOT a reflection of any of the ladies I know or know of, good, bad or indifferent. MIA is a vibrant city with gorgeous women of a myriad of ethnicities, and far more interesting than these brauds. Basketball Wives on VHI is better than this show. The producers of this series should have taken notes. Simply put, RHW Miami aren’t engaging, which leads me to believe, the women they originally casted for the show were otherwise engaged or not interested. I would have to agree w/this article, this show ruined the RHW brand, it’s a "slap in Miami's face" for many reasons, and a total bust!


What a major disappointment the entire mini run of this Housewive show series was. We were led to believe for months & months that Elaine Lancaster had a prominent roll in the show with her good friend Lea Black. My sources tell me the footage of Elaine was too powerful visually and she came across as the most intelligent one in the room. When it came time to edit then SHE had to go & replaced with footage of an barely audible Elsa slurring her way through a half baked sentence or thought while her daughter sat unexpressive due to gallons of botulism she keeps pumped in her face. It is obvious she had her top lip reduced since filming ended. Andy Cohen had been lucky in his prior successes with these shows because a truly intelligent or savvy person would have never removed the most important & Colorful character on the show. End result~We had to Dumb it down for the Miami Audiences, was disclosed by an unnamed BRAVO executive who asked not to be named over their 4th martini .

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