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March 17, 2011

Bravo airing live version of Real Housewives of Miami reunion

Doing live television is no easy feat. Just ask the capable cast of 30 Rock. But for some reason, Bravo thinks it's a good idea to go with a live version of the reunion show of The Real Housewives of Miami, says Entertainment Weekly. Save for the standard 7-second bleep delay, the April 5 telecast that will reunite the cast with the least chemistry since Rock Hudson and Susan St. James in McMillan and Wife will be aired totally live on the East Coast. No word on location just yet  In somewhat of a slap in Miami's face, unlike the other reunions usually filmed in the city in which the show took place, this show will be filmed in the Bravo "Clubhouse" in NYC.  More importantly, no word on what the Bravo folk were thinking other than the fact that, based on the show itself, clearly they weren't thinking at all. Even Andy Cohen sort of agrees, admitting that Miami is likely the last of the incessant, excessive Housewives series.  Yep, Miami killed it alright. So, will they roast another pig on the live show? Will Lea Black further the whole "thousand dollar a night hooker" thing with that Basketball Wives castoff Cristy Rice person? Will Scottie Pippen's wife schlep down from Fort Lauderdale? Will Marysol Patton's mother Elsa save, uh, face? Last but not least, will anyone show up? Based on the ratings and reviews, we're not so sure.