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February 03, 2011

Real Housewives of Miami finally gets an air date


You read it here first: the spec show formerly known as Miami Social Club has joined Bravo's wildly popular Real Housewives franchise and will air at 10 p.m. on February 22, pushing the Real Housewives of NYC airdate to sometime this spring. Big speculation on the Miami show isn't who, but will these insane brave souls bring on the drama or will it be just one big love fest? As far as we know, none of the women are a. party crashers b. former child actors or related to Paris Hilton c. alcoholics d. married to an allegedly A-list celebrity who cheats on them with a flight attendant or e. tone deaf, but time and TV will show tell us otherwise, or so we (and Bravo) hope.


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glenn benao rice

that snake in the grass of cristy rice

Buck Winthrop

When will they learn? When will someone in Miami "get-it" that just because you drink free at Set and they know you at the Forge because you've sucked up so much you finally appeared in Ocean Drive that DOES NOT mean that anyone else in America wants or cares to see your surgically altered monster faces. This one will be just like all the others--a bomb.


These woman look WORSE than the Crypt Keeper!!! What the H*!! are these poor excuses of woman doing on tv, save your eye sight and pass on watching these Rag, Wrinkle, Haggs, YUCK!!!


are these trannies or what ? jesus what a cluster f. they are just putting cartoon characters on tv , i thought this was an episode of rupaul's drag race.

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