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December 17, 2010

Smartwater Modellounge Miami moving into The Raleigh

MODEL LOUNGE NEW YORK from Model Lounge NY on Vimeo.

Launching January 6, SmartWater's Modellounge, an "exclusive and private retreat for female fashion models at invited top 10 agencies,"  is back from its humble Miami Beach beginnings a year ago in a virtual closet at the Delano and moving into a much roomier space at The Raleigh, where it will stay until April 30. Realizing that breath mints as meals for models are as passe as stick thin models, trucker hats and fedoras, the new and imrpoved Modellounge will feature sustenance from Popchips and ZonePerfect as well as, of course, Smartwater and Vitaminwater Zero. As for what these models do in this, a no guests allowed zone? Every month, all models will be outfitted in a different bikini by Volcom. The lounge will offer on premise, poolside yoga sessions, among other things. In other words, it's "a private destination where [models] can hang in between castings and shoots on a daily  basis while being pampered and entertained." Sort of like a fashionable Facts of Life, we suppose, with Mrs. Garrett on vacation. Castings though? We thought the only castings left in Miami these days were for reality shows. Imagine the kind of lounge that would be. Oh, wait, never mind. We already know. It's called Jersey Shore.  


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This modellounge thing is becoming huge! Kudos to creativity!


Did Smartwater create this or are they just a sponsor? Brands are doing something really cool things these days. And is this only in new york and miami?


There isnt much for the models to do in miami besides go on castings and party at night. Cool concept. This should be a great way to spend downtime and time between castings.


Porsche!!!! Does model lounge do anything during miami swim...
Why do i feel like IMG or someone needs to acquire model lounge and quick!

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