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November 29, 2010

Jersey Shore back to Miami for season 4?

JerseyshoreJust when you thought Miami Beach was rid of the bad case of reality herpes known as Jersey Shore, rumor has it the cast may flare up again in these parts sometime this spring.  According to Page Six, producers want to film here again and their only issue right now is likely the egomaniacal greed fueling the cast members who may demand outrages fees to commit. Our source who helped us break the news of last spring's infestation says there's no news yet but wouldn't be surprised if they come back for another round of ugly episodes. And people wonder why Miami has been demoted on those "Cities With Beautiful People" rankings.


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I saw Pauly D. at The Hard Rock last Sat. night. He made a 2 min. appearance at the center stage area, threw out a couple of t shirts from Pangea nightclub and said for everyone to meet him at Pangea later on in the night. I passed on his invite and continued to drink my beer at Automatic Slims, where the entrance was free and there were no sightings of Jersey Sores.


Ha! Excellent. Please tell me that he wasn't mobbed by "fans"


There were alot of onlookers gathered around the center stage awaiting Pauly D., including me. He came from Martorano's Restaraunt and onto the stage for his brief appearance. He had security around him to and from the center stage. There were no panties or bra's being thrown in his direction. It was a case of girls gone mild. I had fun at Automatic Slim's regardless. ;)

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