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August 24, 2010

K-Fed, Kendra, Kardashians: Miami's life on the D-List


The other night, The Real Housewives of New York City's Jill Zarin showed up at Caffe Abbracci in Coral Gables with an entourage of 10. The night before, actual (albeit ubiquitous, almost played out) celebrity with real talent LeBron James was there, quietly, with no entourage, no pomp, no circumstance, just having dinner almost like a normal person would. Hear that, Jill?

Then came E! reality show enigma Kendra Wilkinson, in town with a friend and assistant (because no reality show specimen is legit without an assistant to take care of important biz like texting and arranging where and when to pick up free crap). Wilkinson, who is 25 years old and has a ghost written memoir out already--eat it,  Justin Bieber, was reportedly "sent" down here by her baller hubby Hank Baskett so she could "unwind" before the rigorous filming of the new season of her PBS after school special E! show.

And unwind she did, first at LIV Sunday night, where those who cared enough to recognize her amidst a sea of LIV's usual crowd of nuclear scientists and brain surgeons told us she was "raging." On Monday, Wilkinson had dinner at STK and then partied at Mokai with---wait for it---the equally stellar Kevin Federline and beleaguered music producer Scott Storch. Snooki? Forget about it. She's too A-list to join the mix. Even the Kardashians have packed up and left, trading Miami for NYC.  Ah, Miami. The reality show cesspool formerly known as Heaven's Waiting Room has now become D-List heaven. Or hell, depending on how you look at it. As for us? We consider it celebrity Ambien. Thanks to Kathy Griffin, the D-List is the new A-List. As for some of these folks, well, they belong on the Zzzzzzzz-List.


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D. S.

Snarky! Snarky !! Snarky !!! But basically truisms. However. if u caught Jerry Weintraub (Google: if name not familiar) on Larry King last week?, he said "There's no one in Miami in July (much less August). It's way too hot and humid.". So I guess we are lucky to even get the D-lusters. Anyone above D wouldn't be caught dead here in the summer unless they were on business. However, now that we have almost universal a/c, some of us natives find it rather nice. Afterall, what native goes to the beach for a swim in February ?? !!! Not ! :- )


Agreed, DS! And as I said before, no one shows up in Miami in July and August unless they're desperate for publicity. Hence those "names". Wink.


Agree, why anyone would be in Miami during July, August, or even early September is beyond me, famous or not...it's either raining, hot/humid as hell or shitty traffic (car accidents, road contruction)....can't wait until next week when I can get the hell out of here for several days...agree though, the celebs down here are forced to come for their book publicity tours and the others are totally D listers...


HMMM I was up in NYC last week and it was hotter than Miami, oh and in July I was in europe and although there was money, I'll have to say the people in Miami are 10 times more beautiful than anyone in both places...most people who complain have never lived here, no place is nirvana but I'll have to say Miami is pretty sweet if you've actually travled and can afford to hit the cool spots.

CAPlastic Surgeon

Real celebs don't want all the attention. That's how you know talent.

celeb news

miami's the hottest place to be. Look at the Jersey shore crew when they switched.

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