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June 22, 2010

Was Martina Navratilova's move to Florida for more than just the weather?

Navtoni Miami based celebrity divorce attorney Raymond Rafool brought closure for Martina Navratilova's ex girlfriend Toni Layton, who filed a suit against the tennis legend for compensation and property shared during their 8-year relationship. After a year-long battle, the pair, who held an unofficial marriage ceremony in 2000 atop Mount Washington, New Hampshire, finally reached a confidential financial settlement over what was rumored to include: the former couple's businesses, trusts, assets, income, homes, cars, a boat, a jet ski and gifts such as jewelry, pets and even guns that Navratilova was allegedly withholding from Layton. "We are pleased that all of the disputes between the parties have been resolved. The terms of the settlement are confidential," says Rafool, who represented Linda Bollea in her divorce against Hulk Hogan and Christy Rice against former Miami Heat player Glenn. Reports are that the settlement was $3 million. Meanwhile, some speculate that Navratilova's decision to move the couple to the Sarasota area in Florida may have been a calculated move considering Florida doesn't recognize gay marriage. "There is the thought that the wealthy and celebrity gay and lesbian community may not want similar marriage and divorce legislation because it could grant their same sex partners more legal rights," Rafool added. Hmmm, interesting. They don't call Navratilova a player for nothing, you know.