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April 28, 2010

Wanted: Jared Leto's brother's bike--and whoever stole it

Jared Leto and his brother Shannon were in Miami last night for a Fillmore gig with their band 30 Seconds to Mars. Unfortunately it took less than 30 seconds before brother Shannon's bike was stolen from somewhere outside the venue. Jared Tweeted, [sic] "I HOPE WHOEVER STOLE SHANNONS BIKE LAST NIGHT IN MIAMI ROTS IN F**KING HELL. XO. P.S. IF YOU FIND THE BASTARD YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO." Yikes and, uh, welcome to Miami. Pictured above, no, not the newest additions to the Jersey Shore cast, but none other than Shannon and Jared tooling around on their bikes backstage at the Fillmore prior to their show before the big bike heist. It's bad enough that the Fillmore may be on the chopping block and that it's one of the few venues in Miami to which legit bands actually travel for gigs and now this? At least the thief didn't take Jared's hat and scarf, because lord knows he needed them to weather last night's frosty temps.

Photo, item courtesy of Mavrixonline.com