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April 08, 2010

The situation has suddenly improved: Jersey Shore heading back to the Garden State

425.ad.JerseyShore.120909We've been punked! MTV pulled off a clever little prank, and it turns out that it was just a very special Jersey Shore Soils South Beach episode and the cast of guidos and guidas will soon enough be returning to Seaside, NJ where they belong, according to MTV spokeswoman Emily Yeomans. "Once the boardwalk heats back up, the series will return to the Jersey Shore to complete the season," they said. It was 60 degrees there today, so hopefully it'll be sooner than later even though we were told they are here for the next two months which, in reality show years, is an eternity. No wonder MTV didn't officially announce that season 2 was taking place in Miami. It was all just a little field trip and an elaborate ruse to throw us off (or Miami's lack of enthusiasm) and it may have been the smartest thing MTV did since canceling The Hills. 


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the conclusion


hot potato

Guidos & Guidettes


Good! They're not welcomed here!


thanks hot potato, I was playing off on divas and divos.. guidas and guidos sounds a bit more, uh, refined. :)




mtv is garbage do they even play music any more?i miss the days of beavis & butthead and ren and stimpy


beavis and butthead was genius.

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