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April 13, 2010

Scenes from a Miami reality show, only by Bravo

So that fashion show that Cristy Rice battled ex hubby Glen in court so that she could have Bravo film their 11-year-old daughter modeling in it was the stuff Bravo ratings are made of, a comedy of errors that may have the Rice family back in court faster than you can say Jon & Kate Plus 8. The following is our spywitness's play by play account of the scene
at the Biltmore during the Gabriella Arango fashion show portion of the evening starring some of the new Bravo show castmembers, a castoff from Bravo's first failed attempt at a Miami reality show, and a few others ready for their 15 minutes, for better or for worse:

Alexia Echeverria (new Bravo guinea pig), "who was supposed to model in the show, had a car accident on the way there and ended up in the hospital. She did not make it to the show." [Ed. note: we hope she's ok and if so, it may have been a blessing in disguise]

Katrina Campins (ex Bravo guinea pig), "who was modeling in the show, fell flat on her face, actually her knees, on one of her turns down the runway. Remember that Sex and the City episode where Carrie fell on the runway? Just like that. She could not have worn worse shoes--a pair of 6 inch, black patent platforms--with the wedding dress she modeled." [Ed. note: we hope she's ok and hope that she will one day learn to resist the call of the reality show sirens]

Boca Tanning Club Brickell owner Zurami Pascual,  "a walking advertisement for being tanned almost to the point of charbroiled, modeled some provocative dresses, including one that was nothing but a see-through fabric with a few strategically placed rhinestones, leaving very little to the imagination. And, boy, is she proud of her breasts. Men kept cat calling her and she kept blowing kisses at them." [Ed. note: yikes]

In response, Pasucal, who contacted us via email, replied, "Yes the fabric was transparent but if anyone would've taken the time to notice, they would've seen that I was wearing a flesh tone bodysuit. . . The only kisses I blew were at my son . . . No men were 'cat calling,' rather, there was one obnoxious, drunk gentleman who got carried away in general, not just with me and I believe he was escorted out after the show. And I AM proud of my breasts and the rest of my body! I dedicate myself to working out, eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle so I can be around for my son for many years and he can be proud of his mommy. [Ed note: Amen, sister! Did they catch the drunk dude on camera, too?]

Cristy Rice (new Bravo guinea pig) "decided at the last minute she wanted her daughter to model when she found out Gabriella Arango's granddaughter would be modeling, so Gabriella had to make an outfit for her almost the day of." [Ed note:Glen, are you taking notes here?]


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I luuuuv it Lesley!!!I think people are catching on that reality TV is only wannabe famous people with no talent.....and they get frustrated you speak the truth jajajaja. Truly successful people don't want to have cameras following them this is wannabee's period. Watching other people's lives is getting booooring, besides it's staged and in Miami your life can be much more interesting than most of these tools chatting in their living room ala kardashian. PLease bring back Real Entertainment like Nip Tuck !!!!!!


Hi Lesley!

Before anything... I want to thank you for always keeping us in the 'scoop' and for the always present wit & humor.

That being said... ;-) ....... I was compelled to write to address the Scene in the Tropics regarding last weeks fashion show in part because I know everyone that was mentioned and also because I was there.

To begin... There was no mention that the event was to benefit Tim Hardaway's foundation and that proceeds were to benefit relief efforts in Haiti. Therefore, all the ladies that participated in the event and / or modeled in the show & who gave much of their time in the days leading upto it, did it for charity.

As far as all the ladies mentioned...

Most important is that Alexia Echeveria was OK after the accident. That night as the event unfolded, the reports getting to us were not good and we were all worried for her and her family until the next day that we found out she was doing ok.

As far as Gabriella Arango, this is one amazing, classy woman & together with her daughters, they are a positive force in our community. Her creations showcased that night were beautiful, elegant & sexy, yet always tasteful.

Now... I don't know anything about the 'Bravo' stuff but I do know that Cristy Rice is a great mom who loves her kids. I saw with my own eyes & heard with my own ears, the joy, excitement & pride her daughter was experiencing by being a part of the show. I too have a daughter and I know most little girls would love to have a night like that which she will remember the rest of her life.

Katrina Campins did fall but she 'bounced' back up and continued the rest of the night with grace & poise.

Lastly... Zuri... all the dresses she modeled were elegant, classy, beautiful including the last one, which you could see through parts of the fabric, however, she had some thingy on underneath the same color as her skin. I was sitting next to her son by the runway all night & I can tell you that the only kisses she 'blew' were directed at him. That boy is her life & I can promise you all she does is to honor him and make him proud of her. As far as men cat calling, there was just one crazy guy behind us who obviously didnt realize he was at an elegant fashion show not the Pink Pussycat & I believe they kicked him out! And her breasts (LOL!)... I know how hard she has always trained & dieted etc. so damn right she has a right to be proud of 'em! lol!!!


my only question is: do you feel proud of yourself when you are done writing tons of lies about people you don't even know???
you do know that what goes around comes around don't you??? well while you are busy finding the words to bash on (in this case) several of Miami's beautiful, loving and kind hearted women keep in mind that they too have families and feelings and have never done a thing to you.... what do you care if they decide to be on a reality show or night so long as they are not hurting anyone.... you should worry about yourself and that degrading career you have chosen... its lonely at the the end when you realize its time to pay for the days you played.....


Alexia- thank goodness is ok and i can not wait to see her and Cristy as they take on this new project with bravo.... they are both gorgeous, sweet and have the most beautiful children... the two of them are examples of loving and responsible mothers....

the Rice girls looked smoking hot together on the runway.... that lil rice is a true beauty- what a future awaits her... lucky her- her parents should be so proud... i applaud Cristy for standing up to Glen to defend her daughter and her participation in this charity...... the look in her eyes said it all.... i must say they captured my attention- "sweet and fun style-the two of them"

overall- the girls were great and the show was a pleasure to watch.. i am so glad i was there to partake and help out our brothers in Haiti...

Adam F. Goldberg

@Wendy: I don't know what you read, but it doesnt seem like there are any lies in what Lesley wrote. She quoted someone directly who was there. There's nothing mean spirited about the account. It is what it is. And if these ladies want to be in a reality show, more power to em, but they need to realize by doing so they have now become public figures and have subjected their lives and their families to public scrutiny.


Thanks everyone, especially Zurami, for your comments. Wendy, I couldn't have said it better than Adam above! No malice whatsoever, just the story. I wish them all well.


Wow, the four of these women as topics in the Tropics is great. Katrina is one of the biggest fakes & Losers in a land of plenty.

Alexia, is by far one of the dumbest women I've ever met.

Zurami is vicious and would & has slept with anyone to get what she wants. She is a sad person.

Cristy~ the word that most people who know her is not used outside of a kennel.


Its just sad to talk shit about ppl...nor cristy is a dog; nor zurami sleeps around; nor Alexia is stupid and Katrina...oh please really, go to the gym and work out---get a life and try just try to be as fabulous as these woman...whoever wrote such shit iam sure is a fat, poor no body in this city and a true hater


Oh and for the person who posted on May 7th @4:41AM comment...you have to be joking!!! you have no life idiot...what are you doing awake at 4:41 talking shit! If you did own Christian Labs shoes like the women you have spoke shit about which by the way own 100s of em, you would be out dancing and showin them off at 4:41 not talk BS...lololol..
peace and love baby!
For every person that hates one of these women, they are 1,000 who love em! bye bye

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