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April 11, 2010

Out of the Bleau: Is Kate Hudson dating Jeff Soffer?

25675_10150173069930711_866620710_12070326_1652920_nLast she was in town, Kate Hudson was dating Alex Rodriguez. Things have changed. Although she showed up solo the Barbie retrospective launched by Chrome Hearts at Alchemist in the garage at 1111 Lincoln Rd. Friday night where she hung out with Oribe and Elaine Lancaster, we are hearing murmors that while Rodriguez may be sneaking around with Cameron Diaz, who has reportedly been sneaking in and out of town and was spotted poolside at the W South Beach, Hudson may be seeing Fontainebleau owner Jeff Soffer, who, last we saw, was with model Elle Macpherson. A source tells us that Hudson was staying with Soffer, who has a penchant for high profile women. No confirmation or public outings of either alleged couple yet but considering all we've had to deal with lately has been nothing but reality show dreck, all eyes will certainly be peeled for something of celebrity substance, that's for sure. And even if it's not even close to being true, it's something to speculate besides where Kim Kardashian and Pauly D. will be dining tonight. Not that we know anyone who would do such a thing.


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Cameron Diaz has been shooting back-to-back movies, so I don't know how she could have been sneaking in and out of town.

And undetected at that? Hardly.


where there's a will there's a way..heheh


People like Soffer fashion themselves as Highly Important & if he was to be seen with a unknown woman his fragile ego would crash. Image is everything to a person who values themselves from what they have around not within them.


Seems like a load of b.s. to me. Elle and Jeff were just vacationing together in January in Aspen, where they met up with Kate Hudson. It's more likely that they are just friends. What you really need to investigate, Lesley,is if Kate and Leo Di Caprio are there together at the W Hotel. Juicy!


msd--kate winslet?


No Lesley--Kate Hudson! There have been several sightings, although they probably have been "just friends" for years, so it's probably nothing. But rumours are fun to start!


good for diaz if shes dating arod, at least arod knows he wont be nagged about setting any wedding dates and making babys..he had a lucky escape.


Hey MSD: Turns out, you're right, Leo was here, yes, but with Bar Rafeli. I'm sticking w the Kate Soffer rumor for now. Wink.


Hudson was at FB opening so it would seem she's an old friend of Soffer more than a new friend.


Just like Gwyneth!

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