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April 09, 2010

Miami socialite battles ex NBA hubby to allow Bravo to film 11-year-old daughter

Christina-glen-rice-tvnovelas-deciembre-2009-450x427 Bravo hasn't even announced a time slot or air date for the tentatively titled Miami Social Club, but already the drama has begun. Celeb attorney Raymond Rafool, who represented Linda Hogan in her own divorce reality, is now repping Christina Rice, ex wife of former Miami Heat player Glen and Bravo's latest Miami guinea pig. Seems that Rafool filed an emergency motion in a Miami Dade courthouse yesterday to allow the estranged couple's 11-year-old daughter Brianna to be filmed for said Bravo show.  Mr. Rice has vehemently rejected the requests of his ex wife to allow the filming of his daughter for a potentially train wrecked reality show and his other minor children on several occasions. This time, however, the court said it was ok (no audio or behind the scenes footage) and cameras will roll when the couple's daughter appears in a fashion show/Haiti benefit honoring Bill Clinton tonight at the Biltmore Hotel. In an interview with FOX News, Rafool said "It is a true shame that Glen Rice puts his dislike and apathy towards his former wife ahead of his daughter's desires and attempts to derail his wife's interests . . . Whenever Glen wants his children with him for one of his MMA fight productions, projects, media events or simply to be with him, Cristy does whatever it takes to accommodate Glen and their children." The former Mrs. Rice also says she wants her ex to pay her attorney fees, court costs and suit money. Forget the fashion show! This is the stuff that Andy Cohen drools over. We're filing a motion to allow cameras in the courtroom.


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These women are pathetic excuses for mothers. What kind of mother would subject their children to the brutal public scrutiny of such crap? I hope Glen gets full custody of his kids.


this cristi Rice is Trash, she is a golddiger, was one her whole life. many more like her in Miami, bunch of uneducated sit home do nothing women except go to the gym (I see them at my gym all the time) spending the husbands money . Garbage is better.


Rhetorical question: why do people subject themselves to this scrutiny? Do they want to be famous that badly?! I don't get it. Never will, I guess.


Wow that girl is a trashy trashy little tramp what a shame, her poor mother and father. Brianna Gianco and Vanni will one day know who they're mother realy is because she is about to record it!

RMR representing OLLA

Why do you all talk about people and things you don't know?

Ms. Rice is all about her kids, they are her world. She is a great person and extremely down-to-earth.

She is all CLASS!!!

to Maureen: it seems that you have issues with your own mom. I'm sorry for you if I'm right. But if you haven't lived it don't talk about it.

to trainer1: talk about uneducated maybe you should go back to school and retake spelling and english.

to Lesley: keep the rhetorical questions to yourself. Fame has nothing to do with it. She is extremely down-to-earth.

to Glen: hope this is not who I'm thinking; it would be a real shame if it was. I'm sure her mother and father are proud of her and how she has raised ALL the kids.


I realize that love has no color but a lot of these athletes have known women in their past that have been supportive of them from day one who always kept it real and loved them simply for who they were and then they get rich and forget about those relationships. I'm not saying that he got what he deserved but I can't help but think he didn't have a moments thought about a prenup- she just looks like she's after money and the way she's portrayed on the show doesn't help.....

jay cee

Cristi is a bad mama......mofos gotta pay for that type of skin....and if a fool gets played for his cash thats on him...do your thing cristi take the money and run.....athletes are a bunch of fools they should just stay with their high school sweethearts instead of gettn played by fine ass honeys like cristi.....hahahaha fools

Truth Hurts

Cristy Rice & Larsa Pippen:

-No Class


-Emotionally Inmature

Watch the Train Wreck on Bravo RHWM...

If they lost their money they would have a better chance to develope Character

John Jacobs

To RMR representing Olla,

This Cristina Fernandez Rice is a dirty Cuban Cockroach Whore. Who would marry anyone for money and then cheat on that person.

The End,
John Jacobs

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