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April 16, 2010

Josh Woodward update: Not out of the woods yet as LAPD almost ready to present its case

6a00d83451587d69e20120a67dec65970c-800wi It's been pretty quiet since Josh Woodward was arrested for allegedly, "intentionally" giving his LA girlfriend a drug that caused the death of an unborn fetus back in October of 2009. After Woodward was released on $2 million bail, the investigation continued and so did rumors that the former Miami restaurateur was in Miami and St. Barth---with Suzy Buckley, the Miami girlfriend who allegedly dumped him after finding out she was duped. An article in the LA Times today says that lab tests prove that Woodward was indeed in possession of misoprostol, a substance used to induce labor and early term abortions. According to LAPD captain Fabian E. Lizarraga,they are still conducting an active investigation and are almost ready to present their evidence to the LA DA. Of course Team Woodward, lawyers Mark Werksman and Mitchell Edgars, don't think the cops have a case.  Still a mystery is the name of Woodward's formerly pregnant girlfriend who, according to the LA Times, "told detectives she was suspicious at 'how and what had happened.'" So is everyone else, it seems.


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can't you find some better content to write about? since there is no case, there is nothing to write about and so nothing for us readers to learn. thanks for wasting your time and ours.


Don't sweat it Lesley you rock !!! And the tool took the time to write a comment so his time must not be that important LOL!! Is that burger place still in business??? It's horrible and what a bad excuse for a ahhhhem, restauranter, if that's what you want to call flipping burgers .....this dude should be happy someone would be with him becuase he is a very, very ugly duckling for sure.


aqui huele a pura mierda


la gentusa asi de peliona como utedes se kema en el infierno


Suzy is an idiot.


yawn yawn..remember when Suzy Buckley and Ocean Drive meant something in Miami?? Now look at her. Mixed up in some very nasty business. Shame on you Snoozy and that tacky dwindling rag--Ocean Dribble...


I thought Suzy Buckley was smarter than that but obviously not. Josh, Ocean Drive Mag & Buckley all going down the drain. What's the saying? "Be nice to people on your way up the latter because they are the same ones you'll pass on your way down?"


ya think these stupid omg keel all hatrez comments are getting boring?Everone posts same shit below every musicvideo so if yer think ur being creative or something ur HEAVILY mistaken.Just my 2 cents


josh still owes me money,and is a lowlife.His sorry
excuse for parents should cut him off.He will be bought and sold 10 x before he hits the yard in san quentin.I told josh a long time ago - Karma is a bitch

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