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March 29, 2010

Take two: Bravo tries again with Miami Social Club

As we've said so many times, Bravo is not filming The Real Housewives of Miami. Finally putting that rumor to rest is the announcement of the voyeuristic network's new series, Miami Social Club (working title), starring, among others, Lea Black (wife of famed attorney Roy) and, in this scene at the Original Penguin store over the weekend, Black's right hand man Jason Clarke and drag diva Elaine Lancaster with a cameo by Dennis Rodman. Motley Social Club's more like it. Casting for this started way back in June of last year with all sorts of names in bold stepping up for their chance at having every tabloid dig for skeletons in the deep, dark recesses of their closets the big time. As for the rest of the guinea pigs publicity hounds castmembers (the network tells us because it's "just a pick up," there are no official cast announcements or details on air dates as of yet), according to our reality show rat they are: public relations professional/erstwhile socialite Marysol Patton, Christy Rice (ex wife of former Miami Heat player Glen Rice), Alexia Echeverria (executive editor of Venue Magazine), socialite and gallery owner Adriana Sidi (also known as Adriana de Moura), and Larsa Pippen (wife of NBA's Scottie). The official word on the series is as follows: "This new docu-series follows Miami's social elite--a glamorous circle where money, hard work, status and beauty rule. Get a fascinating fly-on-the-wall look at life on the sizzling hot Miami scene. MC Filmworks is producing this series for Bravo with Michael McNamara, Sheri Maroukfkhani and Jack Tarantino as executive producers." Our sources also tell us this show has absolutely nothing to do with that other failed experiment show with the words Miami and social in it. To nobody's surprise, that one has not been renewed. Let's hope they get it right with this one.


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Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Tell us some real news please


WOW!l this is exciting to read, this group of people are coming together and do a Real Show, so what if it is Housewives or Miami Social Club. I just can not wait to see Ariana, Marysol, Leah Black & Elaine Lancaster take on the social world. What a Wonderfully different cast from previous style of shows. Leah & Elaine are best friends in real life and are known nationally & Elaine travels the world. I am certainly going to tune in for THIS show. Thank you Lesley for clearing up the rumor that we all have been hearing about for months. Yes it's TRUE !


OMG... Now, this is a show to watch! I remember when I lived in Miami, Elaine Lancaster was so much fun at every party she attended. It will be great to see her on a new reality show especially with her bff Leah. And, hopefully, Jason gets some good screen time too, he deserves it. :) It is definitely going to be a gaggle of giggles when watching these ladies.


Well it couldn't be any worse than that other Miami Social show. God that was the worst show in the history of television.


Make it stop!!!


And G-d forbid the show is criminally bad like Miami Social was, at least Roy Black will be able to get 'em off. heheheh.

Luis Canales

I hear they're negotiating with Michael Aller, Tara Solomon and Nick D'Annunzio to make a cameo. The problem is, they all want the title Queen of the Night.



It is all good for Miami no matter what way you look at it. Even Miami Social #1 had beautiful photography of the city...And regarding Tara's cameo, no she needs a show just for her...

sara smile

miami whatever its called sounds like it will be ridiculous.. lea black is an awful person, marysol is to scary to look at ,miss rice is too full of herself and the rest of the cast ive never heard of .. ive been living in miami for 5 years and they could of done a better job casting.. what a horrible look for miami... thankgod we have lebron


I can Not Wait for another Train Wreck of a show on the Train Wreck Network, Bravo. I'm just surprised that Miss Lancaster who tries so hard to be a "Lady" would be on a dumbed down reality show of any kind. She must be in need of some cash. Lea Black is a bright woman who does a lot of good. Why ? ScareOsol is the only one I can see doing a show like this, she fits the mold. I've Never heard of any of the other people you mentioned.


Bravo is going crazy. Adriana Moura is not even a housewife/ she is not a socialite/ she does not have a gallery/ she is more of a woman of the night .... than anything else.

Please what a embarrassement for Miami!!

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