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March 26, 2010

Kardashian baby daddy Disick in holistic dog house

Disickkardashian After hanging out drinking beer and bantering with the guys in a South Beach barber shop, after spending many nights partying in Coco De Ville, Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy Scott Disick finally got a "job" as the "VIP and Marketing Director" at the Biscayne Boulevard nightclub/restaurant, MIA. Apparently that's not enough, though, because Disick has been staying away from Kardashian at the Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa far, far up Collins Avenue and away from the assorted Kardashian family drama back on South Beach. Says a source, "Scott is supposedly giving Kourtney her space." If you ask stepdad Bruce Jenner, it's no love lost. Said Jenner to OK! Magazine, “I still can’t figure it out. Again, they are adults. Kourtney is thirty years old now and they have a baby. Mason. Great kid… Scott could leave… Honestly, I wonder about that because I look at him and some of the things that he has done have been so stupid.” Checking into Canyon Ranch was probably one of the smarter things he's done lately.


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Frustrated with Sobe

Good god could that whole family be any more repulsive? And Bruce Jenner has destroyed his legacy by being a part of this whole trainwreck. Well that and the multitudes of (bad) plastic surgery
I wish they would all just go away. I get the whole reality tv thing but why are these people popular? Cause her sister made a sex tape? Really?


It's one of those umpteenth wonders of the world, I'm afraid. We can figure out obscure mathematical formulas but yet the reason for the Kardashians' inexplicable popularity remains a mystery on a whole different level. Another galaxy, in fact. Sigh.

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