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February 01, 2010

The horror! Jersey Shore to film second season in South Beach?

Although they hardly ever went to the beach during their tenure in Seaside last summer, the cast of Jersey Shore is rumored to be packing their bags and readying for a winter in South Beach for their much-talked about second season. According to Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun Times, " I'm also hearing that South Beach in Miami is the most likely new setting for the ''Jersey Shore'' troupe -- given taping episodes this winter in New Jersey would be far from beach-like! Los Angeles area communities are also being considered, but Miami Beach is the most likely site." Great news for those who frequent the clubs with no purpose other than hooking up. Now they can take home an STD and a cameo appearance on MTV. 

Update: MTV has asked all Jersey Shore cast members to make sure they had passports, which means they are definitely filming in Miami. Or not. Mynt owner Romain Zago says he declined a request by the show to film footage at his club. Said Zago on a Facebook post, "Let's see who takes that stuff. Replying  to a comment that said "They are not Mynt crowd. Yuck!" Zago added, "Unless we block them at the door."