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February 03, 2010

Pamela Anderson at (Club) Play on South Beach

In town for assorted Super Bowl festivities including one with fashion designer Richie Rich last night at the player-heavy Club Play, Pamela Anderson, who is prepping for her upcoming gig on Dancing With the Stars, spent some quality time with her bff James Davis, a.k.a. drag diva Elaine Lancaster, who clearly did her makeup last night. Anderson's ex, Tommy Lee, is also doing a gig at Club Play, this one on Saturday night, hosted by Chris Brown and featuring a spin--off between Lee and T-Pain, of all people. How's that for a threesome: Brown, uh, Pain, and Lee.  A motley crew indeed.


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She wanted her makeup that drag-E !!!! It looked great on stage.:)


she looks really good in this pic, actually. did the photog have that special lens or was it the magic of elaine?


It was Elaine's Camera & Pammie looks Great ....She is beautiful & not just on the outside.....Her Beauty Runs Deep.......;)


OMG!!..Pam and Elaine!!..what a couple!!*__*..I love them because they are so special and with such a huge caring hearts!!..Charity all over the world is their Common Bond..:)


Are you kidding me? This picture has more photoshop than kathie lee gifford has botox.

grace fuster

OMG...Pam's make-up looks Fierce. And James did it for her...who better? Have you seen how Gorgeous Elaine Lancaster is...I should know..Im a M A C rep!

Tony T.

Pamela is so HOT & is That Elaine Lancaster out of costume? OMG!! DOUBLE HOTT! Who is the guy on Pam's right? Great pic, but i've never heard of that club.

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