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February 09, 2010

Jersey Shore creeping closer to South Beach & some other reality show rumors


Tanning salons, laundromats, Wet Willies and Mango's shouldn't get too excited over the rumors that Jersey Shore's second season on South Beach is a done deal---yet. Despite reported rumors that a house near Lincoln Road is being renovated for the inexplicably popular MTV reality smash, we can 100 % squash that one and tell you that said house is being all pimped out possibly for  HGTV's Color Splash instead. In fact we hear the show's comely host David Bromstad has moved here for it. That said, we do know locations are being scouted close to or on Ocean Drive for Jersey's most controversial gang since The Sopranos. In fact, some of the show's scouts were seen sniffing around The Clevelander recently. As much as some tourism officials may not want to admit it, Ocean Drive screams Jersey Shore. A better location may not exist for them down here, really. Think The Birdcage meets Saturday Night Fever with a bit of Night at the Roxbury thrown in and, if they continue to fry their faces in the tanning beds, Scarface, too. Says our uber inside source, the chances of the show being filmed here are "Looking solid, but not one hundred percent." 

And based on the amount of fist pumping going on at STK Miami last night when Shore-mates The Situation and Pauly D. showed up, we have a feeling South Beach, despite some protests like those made by Mynt owner Romain Zago, who refused to allow Shore scouts to film inside his club, will embrace them with open fists. According to our sources, The Sitch and Pauly "snapped pictures with every female that approached them." And, scarily, there were a lot. While Pauly stuck with water, The Sitch guzzled Grey Goose and Red Bull. The duo was overheard yapping about how much fun they had in Florida, and "how beautiful the tan ladies are." What, you expected Kafka?

Meanwhile there's an even bigger South Beach connection to Jersey Shore and that's the person responsible for Snooki, The Situation and co. None other than former crobar doorman Doron Ofir, now a hugely successful reality show casting agent, was responsible for that original-in-more-ways-than-one cast. He sure knows how to pick 'em and, if they do come down here, we guess everything really does come full circle, though he probably would never have let 'em into crobar way back when. Only now will those velvet ropes part like the Red Sea for them. Except at Mynt, of course.

In other news, although its inaugural season was not even one percent watchable, Miami Social, we hear, is not entirely dead in our waters, but if Bravo were to ever consider breathing life back into that mess, it will be with a completely new cast.  Also rumored: more Hogans in Miami, another E! reality show, and, of course, Kardashians, because Miami without them is like Miami without sand and palm trees. Stay tuned for more developments as we get them.