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February 09, 2010

Doorman to Roger Daltrey: Who are you?

Roger_Daltrey_3 Some doormen at The Florida Room last Saturday were singing a familiar tune to The Who's Roger Daltrey as he attempted to get into the slam placked club to check out a live set by Snoop Dogg. Says our source, "Daltrey was turned away at the door because it was too crowded." We believe that. Had it been the night after The Who's not so well received half time show, we may have thought it was something more personal. 


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Keith Soifer

If it had been after the Stupor Bowl, the doormen probably would have PAID Daltrey to walk away from club.

Luv The Who, but their voices sounded malo!


so true Keith!


Shocking you will trash an accomplished artist when you give adoring pub to people like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton that know how to do, well absolutely nothing. You lose your right to trash talent when you Idolize good for nothing reality stars, so sad where our society is going. Why do you think Adam Sandler and company ignored these tools it is an insult to the talented people in the entertainment business.


who's trashing anyone? Poor guy got dissed at the door ! And if you read my blog, Toni, my perspective toward Paris and Kardashian can hardly be considered adulation!!


Lesley you have a powerfull tool because people look to you to hear who and what is considered VIP and cool. Miami now has it's own entertainment, business, medical VIPS so we no longer have to acknowledge people who just party a lot and own or work at a bar we can now be selective unlike 10 years ago. Point is you should be mentioning this door guy by name and making him look like the moron he is and not making the true VIP like Roger D look bad. So sad .....


Point taken, Toni! I didn't get the guy's name--this time. :)

Steven H

The Who were the best halftime ever!

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