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January 05, 2010

Groove Cruise: it ain't your daddy's Love Boat

As you sit by your faux Miami fire in your Snuggie trying to stay warm, ponder this aurally stimulating, sunsoaked (they hope) seafaring adventure: a three day cruise from Miami to the Bahamas on the Norwegian Sky hosted by the Dick Clark Ryan Seacrest of clubland, Buster, and featuring non stop spinning by Benny Benassi, Boris, Serge Devant + Mind Control, Steve Smooth, Manufactured Superstars, Anthony Attalla, Shannon Williams, and more. Lots more. Sort of like Home Alone for house music lovers at sea. No parents, no curfew, no paparazzi. Sounds like Lindsay Lohan's vodka-soaked dream, doesn't it? And while your ticket onboard includes all you can eat buffets, snacks and sustenance, it does not include a return trip to rehab. For that you're on your own.