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January 03, 2010

Exclusive Lady Gaga video: she tweets, fans Score

Video/Eugene Ramirez

Following her show Saturday at the James L. Knight Center, Lady Gaga tweeted "Hmmmm...I wonder if I'll score tonight." And while many a single and looking hot blooded male may have taken that as a hopeful invitation, what she was really saying was that she was with her bestie Perez Hilton at Score, the gay bar on Lincoln Road, where she sang a few bars of Bad Romance and worked the crowd into quite the fanatical frenzy. "The crowd is going wild when she goes to the balcony," says our eyewitness on the scene, CW morning show host Eugene Ramirez, thanks to whom we have a little snippet of it all to share with you. And while no one, not even employees, according to Ramirez, was alllowed upstairs into the VIP room, drag diva Elaine Lancaster, who introduced Gaga to the crowd, was hanging with the newly annointed pop royalty. One thing we'll say about Lady Gaga is, love or hate her, she takes care of her loyal fans and tonight, they're the ones who did the scoring.


James Davis (aka Elaine Lancaster) and Lady Gaga at Score


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That sounds and looks pretty fun.
That woman sure does love her fans a LOT.


So thats why she made the comment. Good to know!


lol. The way she worded her tweet was funny. Love her.


Met her. She was wonderful, genuine and so nice! Haha, she took a bunch of pics with me and signed like four things, one being my arm... which is now tattooed. I have pics on my Myspace if anybody wants to call me a liar... which occurs a lot. www.Myspace.com/LukeRomesberg check it yoo


Um, did you get her signature tattooed into your arm?!


FUN! Talk about right place at the right time! I'm guessing the video was shot by Eugene Ramirez (not a common name, btw) from the morning news show on Channel 39. He is hilarious! LOVE HIM!!!!

In the last few weeks I've really grown to love this chick (Lady Gaga not Eugene)! Totally cool thing to do for her fans!!!! The one week I don't do SOBE and this happens!

BTW Luke... MySpace? Really?!?!?!


Yes, JSC, that's the Eugene ...and hahahahaa MySpace...


Lady GAGA & Lady Elaine.........Two Amazing Stars Connect. Wow I wish i could have been there with them all.


That is Elaine Lancaster holding Lady Gaga? I'm not believing that Hot Man is THAT Hot Woman Elaine. Now that is ART & an Amazing Transformation.


Loving the Pic of James AKA Elaine Lancaster, Carrying Gaga......what a HOOT....!!!

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