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January 06, 2010

Exclusive! A-Rod: new decade, new blonde


We think we've uncovered the identity of Alex Rodriguez's latest squeeze. Meet Elaine Spottswood, 25-year-old Key West native, University of Florida graduate,and recently appointed tenant representative in  the Miami office of Howard Ecker + Company, a national commercial tenant representation company. Spottswood is a member of a prominent Key West family whose company of the same name has dealings in real estate, timesharing, marinas, hospitality, broadcasting and banking. Anyway, according to our well placed sources, Spottswood was seen walking into the Coral Gables Equinox with Rodriguez just before the holidays. Over New Year's, the two were again seen, this time with a large group of people including Spottswood's sister Mary Anne and Rodriguez's brother Joe Dunand in Casa de Campo. Although Rodriguez, 34, has lowered his age requirement since splitting with Kate Hudson, 30, his new blonde turns 26 later this month. Let's see if the duo sticks it out 'till then.


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arod is awesome. he learned of the mistake of marriage the hard/expensive way and now is working his number into the hundreds/thousands. the biggest thing celebs have is the ability to test out new types, then go back to what they enjoy.


Elaine Spottswood is an exceptional woman! She is not only gorgeous, she is intelligent, family oriented, cultured and wonderful. What an amazing well rounded girl. Good for her! A person on her level needs a celebrity or a partner who is worthy.
Best of LUCK!!!



women  smarten up,alex is a joke!

His daughters should meet men like their dad.It's only fair, He's a womanizer.


I search and recently came across your blog and have been reading along. It was wonderful blog.




Their father isn't so innocent....wake up.


it's so awesome when you can go from goody-goody girls to a foursome with three skanks, to a celeb like kate hudson, to hot brown girls, to legends like madge.......it's not like elaine does not know all this. it's just that high-class girls want someone higher to get really nasty with. if the bf is just commensurate, then they can't get down fully.


So glad we don't have to watch Kate Hudson collapse into a giggly mess anytime Alex's name is mentioned anymore. That got old.

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