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December 08, 2009

Delano unveils Model Lounge Miami--in a closet


In an attempt to seem even more irrelevant than ever, the Delano recently unveiled Model Lounge Miami, a so-called ultra exclusive sanctuary for top models carved out of a former second floor closet featuring chairs and a snack bar serving, sit down for this one, mints. We're not kidding. Imagine Naomi Campbell in a closet that's not filled with Prada, Gucci and Louboutins. Call 911 stat! The lounge, according to a press release, is "the quintessential locale for models to kick off their heels, and chill out between takes." While we know there are still some working models here, there aren't nearly as many as there used to be (hence the closet), so this will be amusing. The lounge will also issue an "All Access Privilege Card" granted exclusively to models represented only by "premier agencies" and allowing said models access to all Delano facilities including a "private poolside Model Lounge cabana, private Model Lounge room [ed note: that would be the aforementioned closet], gym, pool and  beach based on availability. Apparently this Model Lounge exists in NYC and is a smash hit, though we're not sure it's housed in a former hotel closet. Sponsored by a sandal and swimwear company called REEF, the Model Lounge will also offer its guests discounts all over town at places like The Webster and Ricky's. Oh, and as for that snack bar--the mints are provided by Ice Breaker (TM) and there will also be free Red Bull and ZonePerfect bars for those plus sized models with appetites. Sounds like a gifting suite gone bad. Really bad.


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heather marks

I think Model Lounge is the brand name. Dont think theyre confined to that room. Seems more like a room to change if they wanna use the pool, gym and beach. I think its pretty cool that the models have access to all facilities in addition to a few private spaces. Kudos to the model louneg :)


I agree. Im very familiar with the Model Lounge in NY. I read a piece on Modelinia.com about the Model Lounge in Miami and was very impressed by all that was being offered to the models in Miami. The room appears to be a very small part of the lounge. Based on what i read the girls have a cabana and an area at the pool thats exclusive to them. They can also use everything else the Delano offers. haha I'd much rather be a model and pay nothing than a guest and pay upwards of $500 to use everything at the Delano. Theyve got it really good if you ask me. Very clever...no one else in Miami or elsewhere has done anything. Delano is my fav hotel on the beach and this only makes it even mroe attractive. Since when do models make things "irrelevant"? I think the Herald is more "irrelevant". I've only read positive things about the Model Lounge. The NYPost did a great piece. I think the Herald should do a little more research and accurately report on the lounge and its comprehensive perks. Take tips from the Post.


My research has been thorough and the lounge itself is housed in a former closet. As for the irrelevancy of things, that lies not in the models themselves but in the hotel's hasty attempt to create something that caters to a very limited population in this city. We are not NY nor will we ever be. I can't imagine a visiting model sitting around in a closet. at the pool, sure, but for that he or she doesn't need a so-called 'model lounge' per se. We shall see what happpens!


Hi Leslie, I am a casting director btwn NY and Miami and am very familiar with the Model Lounge and the creator. The Model Lounge is its own entity. The Model Lounge partners exclusively with top agencies in different markets to offer models a place to go in between castings. All else is secondary. If you're not familiar with the Modeling world the Model Lounge servesd as a biz resource for models. Basically, models don't have anywhere to go between castings when they're spaced hours apart -- and most of the time models live quite far from the casting areas/studios. Because models don't have an office or similar...the Model Lounge serves as their meeting place/hangout where they congregate btwn castings...in high trafficked casting areas. In the past, girls would roam the streets, go to the apple store to check email, read magazines at random book stores, change out of their heels at starbucks, etc but now they a place where they can go. The gifts and things they receive are all extra and considered very secondary. The Delano is simply the Miami Model Lounge venue partner...where girls are allowed to retreat to. Small room or not, the girls aren't confined to that room. In fact, it's simply a place where they can leave their belongings, change btwn castings into swimwear/gymwear, refuel by picking-up sponsor product like RedBull, Popchips and ZonePerfect bars or surf the web. As someone noted above, they have the entire Delano facility to take advantage of.. The two private spaces that they have access to are the private Model Lounge room (or "closet") and the private Model Lounge poolside area and cabana. I think the modeling and fashion world get it and appreciate it. There's even a chance the sponsor is paying the Delano a monthly fee to allow the girls to be there, so it might actually be no differentl than the Delano renting a conference room for a meeting. Anyhow I hope that i helped to clarify what the Model Lounge is and why it exists.


hahaha "the closet" is actually funny...but ya i totally dont think the models are hanging in the closet when theyve got so much else being offered. awesome concept! sign me up...how do i get one of these cards!! rickys roxks!

jiimy p

"In an attempt to seem even more irrelevant than ever..."

Thanks for the coverage!


My daughter is a model with Ford Miami and we're from Ft. Lauderdale so this is a great place for her when she drives down to South Beach for castings. Because we live in Ft. Lauderdale she finds herself hanging in the car or at an internet cafe when one castings is at 11am and the next is at 4pm. Now she has a safe place to hang with other like minded models. I think the Delano was very savvy in partnering with the Model Lounge. Fine job.


Isn't this just a redundant concept? dont models pretty much get to hang out wherever they want? will they have a lounge for call girls to rest in between tricks too? stupid.


Marisa: "isnt this just a redundant concept?" -- "dont models pretty much get to hang out wherever they want?"

Repsonse: are you asking questions or making ignorant assumptions? Obviously you're not knowledgable enough to accurately comment, but still you feel the need to make a negative comment. Why waste your time. Find something positive to say or actually ask questions so that you can educate yourself on a subject that's foreign to you. Otherwise, comment about something that you're actually familiar with.

Jason Moskowitz

What's so dumb about what Marisa wrote? I agree. The whole thing is dumb! But here's an intelligent question for you: who gives a shit?


If that's Imelda Marcos' closet it would probably be bigger than the average South Beach studio!


Here's a much better and more accurate description of Model Lounge Miami (Urban Daddy Miami: http://www.urbandaddy.com/mia/leisure/8433/Model_Lounge_Miami_Miami_s_First_Models_Only_Lounge_Miami_MIA_City_Center_Lounge


i was here throughout the week and must say i was pleasantly impressed with all the models i saw daily. seems like a big hit! i'll definitely continue to stay at the delano when in miami

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