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November 17, 2009

Who is Cynthia Rodriguez's new boyfriend?

New York media is much more obsessed with A-Rod than we are, but when it comes to what happens in our own backyard, we've no choice but to pay attention. Which brings us to this post. Page Six published a picture of A-Rod's ex wife Cynthia Rodriguez holding hands with a mystery man. Worse than that, they asked women what they thought of the new dude, and one woman bluntly called him, well, "ugly." Not nice! To each his own, and if anyone has any idea who he is, feel free to let us know.


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Funny!!! The so called "mystery man" is no mystery man in Miami, he is known to be a big time player! And from what I heard he left his beautiful ex girlfriend of 5 years whom he has a child with for A-Rod's left overs!! Hey maybe its love in the air!


Good for her.


what does he do for a living he looks familiar like a doctor or something from tv, like one of the reality show doctors.


WOW this guy looks like Pee Wee Herman!


Good to see a picture where Cynthia is smiling. I hope she's happy with this gentleman.

He's got a litle too much of the gym and Botox look going for my taste but too each their own.


I happen to know this guy very well! His ex girlfriend is a gold digging phycho! Glad to see he is with a nice girl who is at his same caliber. And to set the record straight he is an very successful business man with a big heart. She is lucky to have him!


The dude was in prison for drugs!!!!

need to do some due diligence...



i hate all of you fuckres

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