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November 15, 2009

Tara Reid and Thomas Kramer walk into a restaurant....

Tara-reid-drunk1 Kramer 
We thought nothing much of the tidbit we reported that party girl Tara Reid, some pals and party man Thomas Kramer had dinner at Meat Market Tuesday night. Like two cogs in a wheel that's about to blow on a speeding train, Reid and Kramer had dinner. On a slow news day. And they didn't even cause a scene or offend anyone.  But two nights in one week? That's right, Reid and Kramer were seen together again, this time at Quattro Saturday, with a large posse of, says our spy, "table sycophants."  Something's definitely up. And not with Kramer and Reid, either. It's the notion of people sucking up to that table that's somewhat confounding and straight out of a bad reality TV show or something. Kramer has, after all, been shopping his own reality show around, Reid could use a job and South Beach certainly has no shortage of star*uckers, freeloaders and publicity whores, so we guess it all does make some sense after all. And in the We Couldn't Make This Up If We Tried Department: Following the dinner, Reid and Kramer stopped by a private house party on Hibiscus Island. The same party where none other than Vince Shlomi, aka the ShamWow guy, was seen, according to our spy, "Without the ShamWow and without a hooker."