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November 18, 2009

Not the way Josh Woodward wanted to end up on TMZ.com


More details have surfaced in the bizarre case involving 8 Oz's Josh Woodward and a dead fetus. TMZ got their hands on the search warrant affadavit which said that the mother of the child (still no name revealed) says that one night in October when she was pregnant, Woodward kept putting his hand in a plastic bag and then touching her sexually. The woman lost the baby a few hours later and remembers seeing a white powdery substance in her underwear. As for that white powder? Not cocaine as many had suspected, but Misoprostol, a drug often used for early abortions and to induce labor. When the cops figured all that out, they set up a sting operation in which the woman called Woodward under police supervision, told him she was still pregnant and wanted him to come over. When police approached Woodward outside the woman's apartment, he pulled out "a small piece of clear plastic with a white powdery substance" from his pocket and dropped it on the ground. Police took the substance and arrested him. In the meantime, test results still have yet to come in on the results of the substance but when they do, Woodward's pretty much done. Also done would be the doctor or person who gave Woodward that substance, because clearly it's not something found over the counter next to the cotton balls at CVS. In addition to Woodward frying, there could be a Conrad Murray situation here, too. What a mess.


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Actually, the whole thing is that the substance still could be cocaine. It is still being investigated. It hasn't been determinted that it is that misoprostal drug. That's the reason he's not arrested. Who wrote this, seriously? This guy has a lot of friends in Miami and we really believe in him. This is a very incorrect story. If the substance had been offically determined, then we'd know. This is just the detectives and police hypothesizing. Please tell it like it IS, and stop editorializing. This was a horrendously researched and written blurb.

Jason Moskowitz

Jennifer must be joking because what is reported here is pretty much word for word what was in the affidavit. So who's doing the editorializing here, now, Jennifer?


I don't know about his case but I am more surprised a women actually slept with this ugly dumpling

Jason Moskowitz

guy's a typical tool with money. that's why women slept with him.


josh is a lowlife who owes me,and many others money.He will be bought,and sold ten times before he hits the yard in San Quentin. Karmas a bitch josh!

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