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November 30, 2009

No, silly it's not Halloween again, it's Lady Gaga's New Year's Eve Party

Forget Art Basel for a moment and focus on a few weeks from now, when it will be Halloween in December as Lady Gaga hosts a crazy big New Year's Eve party at the Fontainebleau. Following her sold out show that night at the James L. Knight Center, Gaga will head over to the resort where she will lead her fans and disciples in the countdown before giving her very first performance of 2010. The poolside event itself starts at 9 p.m. with DJ David Berrie warming up the crowd. Tickets don't come cheap to this spectacle, ranging from $375 general admission to $35,000 for what we hope is at least a lap dance or ten from the Lady herself. For more info, go to www.newyears.com or call 877-854-4389.


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Wow it's that time of year already!!! The annual "Let's see how many suckers we can get to pay big money to be in a crowded bar with a bunch of not good looking tourists!!!"
I guess we should expect to be seeing the "celebrity / show up for 5 minutes at a roped off table and you can't even see them parties for 500 dollars" coming soon.


remember the setai disaster a few years ago>>??!!!

Lady Gaga Concert Tickets

On that day she were so gorgeous!!!

I like her style.

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