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October 07, 2009


May Billy Mays rest in peace, but for those in this great big infomercial known as life, there are products to be shilled and for that, Media Enterprises, the company that brought you the famous Mays-approved Mighty Putty and Mighty Mendit, is holding auditions to find America's next screamer  infomercial spokespersons and products. Two lucky winners--an inventor and a spokesperson--will be selected and each awarded $100,000. Aspiring candidates should show up at the Eden Roc on Monday, October 12, or Tuesday, October 13 no earlier than 8 a.m. Inventors are asked to bring a working prototype of their product, and spokespeople should be prepared to present a pitch for the product of their choice.  Shouting is not required, but helpful, and if you audition on Monday you may get a second audition free. That's right, a second AUDITION FREE. FOR THE PRICE OF ONE. FREE. CALL NOW. AND GOOD LUCK.

Update: Deco Drive's own pitchman Buster went to the audition and from what we hear, he's a major frontrunner. Here's his audition. What do you think?