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October 29, 2009

Pamela Anderson will pose for pix at Make-A-Wish-Ball on one condition

Pamela-Anderson Pamela-anderson-loose

Pamela Anderson has agreed to emcee the live auction at the 15th Annual InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Ball on Saturday, November 7, but she has one little request for photographers who want to snap her on the red carpet: they must use ring lights or else no pix, no access. You can't blame the girl, really. The picture on top, we believe, was taken with a ring light, whereas the one below was not. According to eHow.com, "Shadows on faces, when photographed, can make facial features look large and distorted . . .Ringlights offer diffused lighting that eliminates unwanted shadows." Hey, it's a lot less of a request than asking people to not wear or eat animal products. For more information on the Make-A-Wish ball, go to www.makeawishball.com.


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and I am sure her photo is worth photographers buying one just for her!!!!!!!!


she can overflood the lights and hide in the shadows all she wants but homegirls face is so busted anymore from all her partying that nothing is gonna help her. so sad cause she used to be so hot


Anyone can take a bad pic let's face it. I do not see anything wrong with requesting 'required' lighting for celebrities, male or female.There job is a fantasy, acting, singing, so in order to keep their brand sterling they need to have it controlled. Barbra Streisand travels with her own lighting people. The photographer who was Banded from Make-A-Wish has been 'BLACK LISTED" by hollywood agents & will not allow access to their Clients. If you do not play the Game by THEIR rules then YOU lose.

This photographer has now been diminished to Paparazzi status. It is unfortunate that someone who had access in clubs, gala, sporting events will no longer be hired by P.R. Agents. Magazines etc. One needs to remember what side of the Red Carpet they are standing on. You can live or die by your own hand or in this case, snap happy finger. Lights Out for that Shutter Bug. SQUISH!

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