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October 05, 2009

Over The Hills: Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth Dol'Fin around @ Landshark Stadium


So this is how it's gonna be, huh? Seen at yesterday's Miami Dolphins game were the now usual (yawn) suspects, Mr. and Mrs. J-Lo and the Estefans as well as a few new faces thrown into the mix--Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth of The Hills, who arrived at the game with an entourage of about eight seat fillers friends. Big deal, right? Football fans couldn't have cared less. But for some attending the pre-game breast cancer awareness fundraiser hosted by Kara Ross, wife of 'Fins owner Stephen, at the stadium's Ocean Drive Club,  the best thing to do with the reality show posse was to banish them to the hills far, far away. Apparently Conrad, Bosworth and crew skipped out of part of the fundraiser presentation in favor of effing around on the sidelines where they were seen taking pictures of the players warming up. Said one in attendance, "Those girls are immature, rude and classless." Did anyone ever think anything different, though? We guess there was no one to sponsor or loan them their best game faces so they went with what they already had, which apparently wasn't much.


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Mmm, I dunno: Shooting the s--- on the sidelines with the Dolphins or mingling with sBotoxed-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives bee-yotches. I gotta side with LC and Lo on this one (something I never thought I'd say).


Agree, I back Lo and LC too. Sounds the like the owners wife is a bitch. My guess is she didn't ask the girls. If it meant so much to her why didn't she ask the girls herself? No doubt they would have contributed to Cancer awareness if she had the class to ask them.

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