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October 09, 2009

Miami Babylon or babble on?


While some people may be worried that their covers will be blown in esteemed author Gerald Posner's new Miami expose, Miami Babylon: Crime, Wealth and Power. A Dispatch From the Beach, the best part about it is all the on-the-record stuff that people are saying about each other. Snap! We scored an advance copy and have picked out some of our faves:

Thomas Kramer on his short lived partnership with developer Jorge Perez: "We did a lot of party and pus*y."

Kramer on banning gays from his short lived club Hell: "I  have nothing against faggots, but I wanted a club with beautiful women and men like me."

Kramer on the accusations he molested a little boy in a NY bathroom whom he claims was horsing around and bumped into him at a urinal: "[I told him] If you don't stop this, I will rip this off [grabbing the child's crotch.] And then the little mother*ucker ran off to his mommy to say I molested him."

Ex Miami Beach mayor Niesen Kasdin on Kramer: "Kramer was like watching a train wreck in slow motion."

Ingrid Casares on teaming up with so called club kingpin Chris Paciello in the night club biz: "I needed a substantial profession to prove I was more than just a drug addled sycophant."

Paciello on whether he'd return to Miami: "Most people in Miami respect me. Who knows if I'll end up back there one day. Miami wouldn't be the same without me--and I don't mean that as an ego statement."

Former promoter/club owner Gary James on Paciello's unlikely return to Miami: "Chris seems ready to reclaim his glory. I'd advise him to do it in Los Angeles where he's a new face. No matter what he thinks, South Beach isn't kind to yesterday's stars."

Developer Craig Robins on fellow developer Don Peebles: "His legacy in Miami is not particularly meaningful."

Peebles on Miami: "Miami is just not comfortable with  blacks. I don't acquiesce. I am married to a white wife, I make a lot of money, and my problem is that I don't know my place."

Robins on Lincoln Road developer Michael Comras: "Comras is parasitic, not a visionary."



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Just bought this today. I'm looking forward to reading it.

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