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October 21, 2009

Jennifer Lopez to unleash her inner Lola at LIV Saturday


Every so often a celebrity gets bored with themselves and goes all Sybil on us, revealing their multiple personalities channels their alter ego. Madonna had Esther. Mariah had Mimi. Even the Real Housewives of Atlanta did it. And now, we introduce to you the artist formerly known as Jennifer Lopez, J-Lo and Jenny from the Block, who will emerge from the bowels of the Fontainebleau on Saturday night to appear for the very first time as Lola at LIV on Saturday night. Lop--er, Lola will perform her debut single "Fresh Out of the Oven" along with Pitbull, who will also be there. A grand entrance is expected in the wee hours of Sunday morning. Doesn't Lola need her beauty sleep for her other alter--the Miami Dolphins owner--on Sunday?  


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wow that just goes to show money can't buy you happiness. this new trend to change you name? i just don't buy it something is being hidden. it's the copy cat factor too. b/c beyonce and her issues and mariah and her and now jennifer and hers what the hell is going on. Remember prince he was the first to start and look what demons he hides!


Dont forget Garth Brooks and his alter ego! I thought she said she wasnt releasing this song? I actually enjoy her music so I'm looking forward to her next album.


That's what singers do when they're desperate.It worked for beyonce because she actually has talent .Unfortunately ,Jlo has become a has-been since marrying Marc Anthony.A little advice for Jennifer dump the loser-get your career and reputation back.It's as easy as that

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