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October 20, 2009

Godfather director Francis Ford Coppola's new production on Ocean Drive?


Last week, Page Six reported that legendary film director Francis Ford Coppola bought an apartment above Cafe Milano on Ocean Drive. Hard to believe such a big name would move onto Ocean Drive. After all, since Gianni Versace and even Rupert Everett, there hasn't been much in the way of boldfaced residents on South Beach's version of Broadway. What would make some sense, however, was if Coppola purchased the entire building, restaurant and villas, as part of his luxury resort collection which currently has properties in Belize, Guatemala, Argentina, New Orleans, Italy and as its website says, coming soon, "South Beach Loft" in Miami. We're waiting for word from Coppola's people but perhaps it's all true and someone made him an offer he just couldn't refuse.

This Just In: We heard back from Mr. Coppola's publicist, who told us "Currently Mr. Coppola does own a condo in that building, but he doesn't own the restaurant or any of the other condo spaces. It's just  a nice place for him to stop and spend a few days when he's on his way to South America, where he's been spending a lot of time lately." End scene.


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Perhaps Mr. Copola figured out he can find infinite amounts of movie material/ideas in Miami Beach...Smart move, Bienvenido a Miami Mr. Coppola.

Gianpaolo Pietri

I would be as surprised as anyone to see the master parking at Ocean Drive. Just doesn't seem to jive with his style. The second option makes much more sense. That he would set up a hotel there as part of his line of resorts. Its so interesting how much some of these legendary celebrities are diversifying their brands. 20 years ago, an actor was an actor, a director was a director, etc. Now they all seem to have multiple outlets for their creative inclinations. Clothing brands, wineries, fragrances, restaurants, hotels, food brands (paul Newman), football teams (a la J Lo and Marc Anthony). Many of them are even branding their own logos ( a la Tiger Woods, Federer, and Tom Brady.)
I write about it in a recent post on my blog ... Fascinating ... We could learn alot from their effortsat marketing themselves and promoting their brands.

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