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October 07, 2009

Gloria Estefan's controversial contraband jewelry confiscated at London airport


Say it isn't so! Miami's very own Gloria Estefan had her necklace confiscated earlier this week in a London airport en route to Milan. Estefan was sporting a Bullets 4 Peace pendant that was designed and created by Rafi Anteby, a former officer in the Israeli army and head of hand on hand combat in the largest private army in the world. Bullets 4 Peace was created to make a statement promoting world peace. The necklaces are made out real bullet casings that have been removed from streets and war zones around the world. Estefan's necklace was first said to be permanently confiscated but the pilot agreed to hold it in the cockpit for the duration of the flight, returning it to her upon landing in Italy. This is the second time in less than a week that a celebrity has had their Bullet 4 Peace necklace confiscated in an airport. The first person to be busted? Snoop Dogg in the Beirut airport. No he wasn't (only) high, he was there for a concert in Lebanon. Anyway, congrats Gloria, you finally earned your street creds.


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Slap Chop

On one hand, shouldn't TSA be able to tell that these are empty casings and therefore not dangerous? On the other hand, shouldn't these celebrities know by now that wearing the necklace on a plane isn't a good idea?

Father of eight

I wouldn't blame Gloria Estefan for slapping you with a libel suit, your headline says she was smuggling jewelry. Perhaps you need to brush up on the meaning of contraband.


My she is looking puffy. Time to send in the spies?

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