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October 11, 2009

Erstwhile reality show spectacle Lina Fidler smacked down by fashion designer

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Had cameras been rolling last night, perhaps the Bravo ratings disaster Miami Social would have green lit a second season by now. Acccording to multiple sources, the show's standout psychotic drama queen Lina Fider was punched in the face by designer Lei Marco at an after party for the Columbus Day Regatta on one of Miami's swanky islands. "Apparenly they were being snippy with each other all day, and then finally she came up behind him, said something and he came around and punched her in the face," says one witness. "No matter what she said, or how psycho she is, and the fact even that Marco is gay does not excuse him from punching a chick. She was on the floor---the wet slap sound of the punch reverberated throughout the whole house." As expected, she flipped out and had to be restrained by three people while Marco snuck out and drove off. So where was Fidler's on-again, off-again beau George French? "He was too busy restraining her to respond to Marco before he left. She was a handful and just kept on screaming." No police were called to intervene, it was just another bad episode, folks, so keep moving along. 


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Saw her walking down Lincoln Rd. last week and she had this crazy look on her face while talking on the phone. Maybe she was talking to George?


This show made South Beach more superficial and uncultural than ever!!! These "idiots" that were casted are so hungry for attention and nouveau popularity that they got exactly what they deserved...a cancelled 2nd Season!


Fifty million imbeciles with cell phones on South Beach and not one of them captured this for YouTube? Even as narcissistic scum, we're abject failures.

Nelson Petters

This is the worst reality show I ever spent 10 minutes watching. You cast complete shallow idiots and expect good ratings? The TV execs got this one right by canceling it. Spare us of yet more trash on TV. Miami is beautiful, show the good stuff here.


Sorry, Miami Social was not canceled. You will have to be seeing more of us. Just don't watch if you don't like and stop being so rude about the show.

Buck Winthrop

It is about time someone punched this woman...And please are we suppose to believe this was not a publicity stunt?? Come on peeps!


Michael, what a sad, sad state when you have to chime in and whine like a baby, crying because people are rude about the show. Poor thing. Wake up and realize they're not being rude, they are being truthful. Your show sucked and sorry you have to read the blogs to realize it!


Ha, what a frickin joke that dbag is! This post isn't even about him or his dumbass show, it's about that cracked out chick who may have made that dumbass show bearable to watch for at least one second.


Hey Michael, you may want to check your facts on the status of the show. :) Also, if you dont' want people to mock the show...produce something of quality. Your drivel was so boring and uninteresting that it wasn't even trashy. It was just plain lame.


Michael, who opened the show by saying "i may be gay, but i am not a queen" then in the next scene was getting a mani/pedi.


g and l are alcoholics and drug addicts. m is an alkie as well.

None your business

Miami Social as a title of a show says it all drama, they had 1/2 the crew right for drama and I know the 1/2 that is wack!!!! They are like that and they are more dramatic than anyone could ever describe or bear, but with that said Drama is what they like. George and Lina are crazy in Love and crazy f**kers............ The ones of us that know George do not understand why he loves drama, but his life w/ Lina is what he wants and we accept that. On the other hand Lei Marco has always loved George and Lina loves him maybe 1/2 as much the day progressed to the 2 of them hating each other more. I wish I had a camera and saw the whole thing I was enjoy myself as always!! I don't even notice the drama anymore because I love this beach and all it has to offer!!! It's sad that such fun free spirited people went on a show that was badly produced by Bravo, they all had way more to offer TV land than their bad relationships or none and drama w/ each other:(
Cheers to Miami Beach we Love this place


come on its not that bad justed watched the series and have seen worst i thought it was buiding up to somthing good.


I love this show!!!! Why do you all you people take everything so seriously these days???. Life is fun, funny, lets laugh at others and enjoy life.....


o i think you are all crazy. i loved the show. i could escape to a world so completely different form mine and for a small amount of time feel some drama. i wish it would come back on.


You people are all fucked up in a head, let me tell you.. 1) Lina is a bussines lady and have more money then all these people put together 2) George is a fucken looser that spand time in jail now, show is a little lamoooo

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