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October 20, 2009

American Idol Winner Kris Allen Performs @ Sunday's Dolphins Game


While American Idol runner up (and if you ask some, the only winner) Adam Lambert lands on the cover of DETAILS magazine, telling 'em "I am gay, but I like kissing women sometimes. Women are pretty. It doesn't mean I 'm necessarily sleeping with them.") the actual winner, Kris Allen, who is finalizing his debut album set for release on November 17, will perform at Landshark Stadium Sunday as the main act on the Dolphins tailgate stage on the Grand Plaza. Show will start before the Dolphins-Saints game at 4:15 p.m. Says Allen, "As a HUGE football fan, I 'm thrilled that my first gig for my band and me is at the Miami/New Orleans tailgate party." Lambert told DETAILS something similar, saying, "It's all fantasy--that's what entertainment is. I'm here to entertain you and if my sexuality is apparent and you respond to it, and you're attracted to it, then great, I'm doing my job."