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October 30, 2009

8 Oz. Burger Bar guilty of bad taste

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know why this invitation from 8 Oz. Burger Bar is just so blatantly wrong. For those who don't know why "murder  burgers" and "killer cocktails" are tacky, tasteless and just so very, very wrong, click here. The gross thing is, is that on October 23, we saw on the now defunct Facebook page of Josh Woodward that the theme of 8 Oz's Halloween party was originally "Hot Chicks with Douchebags." 

Joshua Woodward: Miami's Official- Hot Chicks With Douche Bags Halloween Party @ 8oz South Beach! $30 open bar from 10:30-1:30...Invites to Follow shortly. This is the ONLY time Ed Hardy gear is welcome in our restaurant!

What does this mean? That the whole "murder burger" party was conceived (sorry) after the Woodward news was already out, making it all seem that much more astoundingly appalling.


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Pamela k Anderson

How about we just fry him already?


Never mind frying him! How bout frying whoever came up with this moronic party idea?!


meanwhile the person who came up w/ this ill conceived idea is either an insensitive ass or a marketing genius!


He is a sick human being!!! He obviously thinks this is a joke and that he can go around and kill babies and get away with it! Maybe he should have had a bowl full of dead fetus' on the ad. He has no conscience and I cant wait until he burns in hell and rots in prison for what he did!!! Josh Woodward is a poor excuse for a human being and if anyone goes to his murder fest to eat burgers on Halloween, they are just as sick as he is!!! Disgusting!!

susan dolin

okay, everybody knows B & B is kicking your ass...what comes around, goes around!!!


I got this email invite a couple weeks ago well before the allegations surfaced. Must be a terrible coinsidence. I think he has a little more on his mind right now than thinking about silly halloween party theme, people.


I don't think that invite existed before October 23, when Josh posted on Facebook that 8 Oz was having a Hot Chicks party...That said, agreed. He, himself, has more to worry about than a dumb Halloween party , but whoever is running the show at 8 Oz while he is worrying a bout bigger things, like I said, is either an insensitive ass or a genius!


Obviously whoever is claiming to have gotten this invite weeks ago, is his friend. I know for a fact that his original flyer said hot chicks and douchebags and then the flyer was changed to this horrific and perverse bloody flyer this week. You may want to rethink your friendships and who you associate with because soon your frind Josh will be in jail for killing a baby!


I am not disagreeing that it is in poor taste, but I 100% received this murder themed party ad a couple weeks ago. You can believe what you want, but I am telling the truth. I did also receive the one where the theme was douche bags, but that was well before 10/23 as quoted.


The only reason I am sitting here paying mind to this blog minute to minute is because I have a personal interest in this case, which tells me that you do as well. So, I dont believe a word that you say and your friend will be off to prison soon. Say good bye to your murderering friend while you still have the chance! The truth will come out soon!


RELAX over there! I was correcting Lesley's date of the theme of the party invite, not preaching his innocence.


touchy subject! @mia123: I'm still sticking to my story that the theme was changed at the last minute....unless you have time and date stamped proof that the invite was out well before!


Two burger places and he is a celeb??? That's what I don't get, Lesley you rock but tell me who cares about this dude neve knew or cared who owned that place. It's not like he owns a real restaurant it's a burger place!!!


Toni, you rock!!! You are right! He is a NOBODY!!! His other restaurants all went bankrupt and now he owns an upscale Burger King! What a loser!


Thanks Toni and no, he's not a celeb at all. Never was. But this unfortunate incident and arrest has made it of much local interest.....Until one of the Kardashians gets arrested down here for indecent exposure or something people will continue to be engrossed in this. You know, human nature, mob mentality, train wreck, stop traffic to check out the accident....:)

South Beach Resident

If they don't like you, will they put poison in your burger too? You never know these days what people are capable of. What kind of people are these guys? Josh Woodward and Eric Fried? Interview the hundreds of former employees of these guys if you really want to know their true nature; Govind Armstrong is the only true professional whose name is WRONGLY mixed up in all this; just do yourself a favor and never eat at 8oz Burger Bar! Go to B&B. Seriously!!!!

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