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July 20, 2009

Lenny Kravitz is outta here

Lenny-kravitz-picture-1 Lenny Kravitz has sold his last piece of Miami property, this time his recently renovated Biscayne Point Island house, for $2,450,000. The house was on the market for three months and listed at $2,850,000, according to the South Beach Real Estate Blog. Apparently the buyer is just a regular person, no one famous. Kravitz bought the place in 1997 for $725,000, so he made a nice little profit, not that he needs it. But what inquiring minds want to know is, why is Lenny fleeing the beach? Did he also catch an episode of the abominable Miami Social and just, well, run? 



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damn you. I was gonna make the same m.social comment.


is Miami Social that heinous?


I love My Social, why are some jerks out there slamming it? Jealous that you're not one of the beautiful people on the show?? I think Lenny Kravitz is stupid to move out of the best city, Miami Beach!!! If he wants to leave, then he can go!


Who in their right mind would ever leave Miami Beach, especially if it's located in such a fabulous place where Lenny Kravitz was so fortunate to have a house. He's stupid for leaving, but not everyone has sense.

I love Miami Social on Bravo. I know it may be scripted to a point, but what's so bad about seeing gorgeous looking enjoying themselves in the most fabulous city in the U.S.? The photography of the city alone is worth seeing, and regardless of what it's about, anything on Miami, especially South Beach is worth watching. Tune in people, you just might enjoy it!!


Uh being a miami native for 40 years now, i can say with 100% certainty that Miami Social or MS is one of the worst representations of Miami. it profiles vacuous, vapid and egocentric characters which are a very tiny slice of what life is like here. It is another stereotypical representation of Miami that we really need to work on upgrading. Do we really want another Miami Vice? Miami is so much more than these horrible shows, (Khloe-Kim, Miami Social, 8th and Ocean, etc)- there are plenty of gorgeous people in miami that are doing so much more than getting laid and acting stupid. and dont even get me started on that embarassment to the gay community- Ari or Ariel or whatever his name is...

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