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June 16, 2009

Some neither real nor housewives, these local "ladies" are in line for their fifteen minutes of something or other


Move over Kelly, Bethenny, Danielle and the ladies of Orange County and make room for the alleged Miami version of Bravo's Real Housewives brand of bitching, backstabbing, bullsh*tting, and shameless self promotion. If we believe our sources, however, Bravo may want to change the name of their show because, from what we hear, these alleged Housewives may include but not be limited to: drag queen Elaine Lancaster; party promoter/single mom Ingrid Casares; well heeled shoe designer, philanthropist and wife of shoe-man Donald, Lisa Pliner; philanthropist and wife of retired Miami Heat player Alonzo, Tracy Mourning; realtor and wife of infectious disease doctor Albert, Lourdes Alatriste; never married but engaged to (biz) partner Nick D'Annunzio for many, many years, publicist Tara Solomon; and philanthropist and wife of famous defense attorney Roy, Lea Black. We also hear some of the other candidates include:wife of Opium Group mogul Eric, Stacy Milon; wife of party promoter Tommy, Michelle Pooch; and wife of Market America mogul JR, Loren Ridinger. Hmmm, talk about typecasting, which, by the way, took place at the Angler's Boutique Resort early this month under a temporary shroud of secrecy.  In full disclosure, we happen to know (and admire) several of these people very well and hope the show does not turn them into hideous cartoons. It's bad enough Miami, the city, is about to become as overexposed as a porn star's genitalia (no) thanks to Bravo's other poorly titled offering, Miami Social, which airs in July. The reality is that some of these potential cast members are neither women nor wives, never mind housewives, but because Valley of the Dolls was already taken, we guess Bravo will just have to go with the tried and not so true title of The Real Housewives of Miami, huh?


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D. Moskalski

Perhaps some of the people mentioned above are "common law" Housewives. It is widely known, Ingrid Casares is a lesbian. Wouldn't that count? Is it the network (Bravo) responsibility to define these Characters in Traditional terms. If I was these respectable women who are held in high regard, such as Mrs. Lea Black, Mrs Lourdes Alatriste, Mrs. Tracy Mourning, Miss/Mr. Elaine Lancaster I would think long and hard about going forward with that show. Look at how the housewives in other cities have been made to look like such idiots, and their past has been unearthed. Just my personal feeling on the subject. D. Moskalski


I'm a big fan of all of the Housewive shows and have always felt Miami would be the perfect place for the next one! I'd love to get a behind the scenes look at the way these women live. I'd rather watch this than Social Miami that's for sure.


Its suprising to see some of those names on there would ever agree to do such a raunchy show. Especially LEA BLACK!!!


I'm just glad our very own Lesley didn't agree to be on this trashy show.

Lesley Abravanel

Uh, yeah, this is so not for me. I prefer game shows with decent payouts. :)


Well if I know anything about Leah & Elaine they would only be doing something like that show to raise awareness for charity. I bet if there is prize money they are donating their winnings? I mean I haven't a clue how those shows work? Is it a contest of sorts?


Leslie are you a housewife? I did not know you were married.

Lesley Abravanel

oh yes, Darlene, this is a contest for sure..but not the kind you think! No there is no money raised, no charity benefited --directly. It's a catty show, to say the least!

NYOURFace--yep, I sure am.

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