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June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett: Miami memories

 On May 17, 2003, Michael Jackson was the big headliner---emphasis on big head if you see his 'fro wig--at the 70th birthday bash of then financial advisor and owner of The Forge, Alvin Malnik. With the invitation, a recorded CD was sent out with Jackson singing the praises of his favorite restaurant. I lost that CD and whoever has it will probably make a fortune with it. Anyway, Jackson did, indeed appear larger than life at the disco themed party--with a few young male friends in tow, which of course raised eyebrows, but not as much as the actual presence of an icon in this iconic Miami Beach restaurant. I have hundreds of  pix from that night because, like everyone else, I was also pretty starstruck. Now we wait to hear if Malnik, named godfather of Jackson's child Prince Michael II, also known as Blanket, will be raising a Jackson of his own. Malnik told the New York Times that, although he has yet to hear from the family regarding his status with the child, he has every intention of taking care of Prince Michael as if he were one of his own.


And during the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami a few years back, we believe in 2005, Farrah Fawcett was a surprise celeb at many of the parties, including one at Thomas Kramer's Star Island mansion, where she walked and worked the red carpet and mingled with the crowd like the true celebrity she was, not like some of the other one-hit-wonders gasping for their three seconds of fame. We ran into Fawcett, no joke, at the faucet in the ladies' room at the Delano where we shared a laugh about hotels trying too hard to be hip--not that we were talking about the Delano, of course. She was a class act and we were lucky to have her down here, if but for a fleeting weekend.