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June 22, 2009

Bravo annuls the notion of Miami's alleged "housewives"


We just heard from a Bravo spokesperson who officially confirmed that the casting we reported earlier is neither a "Real Housewives" series, nor is it associated with the network. We asked if there was ever a possibility that Miami would join the batty, bratty brand, and all the spokesperson would say was that the only confirmed location they are in development with right now is Washington, D.C. Perhaps the Miami casting was for a Peyton Place remake or maybe Desperate Housewives is looking for some extras?


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Joanne Tomarchio

A Miami "Housewives" would only serve to further
dumb-down the city and open it up to further ridicule. Isn't it bad enough that Miami has a huge pool of people with college degress yet can't identify Iran on a map(don't even inquire as to what language is spoken in Iran) nor can they explain what "D-Day" is all about.
Producers of "Housewives" apparently didn't receive the wake-up call that the days of conspicuous consumption are over. Will someone in Miami please come up with a TV pilot that accentuates the importance of written and verbal communication making it cool for kids to show intelligence!

Lesley Abravanel

Amen, Joanne!


That rubbish was created by women and wanna be women whose sole purpose in life is to see their names in print above all else..sooooo 90's

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