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June 21, 2009

A-Rod and K-Hud: From Benchwarming to Lapdancing


Yes, yes Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson partied at the Fontainebleau following A-Rod's benchwarming during the Yankees and the Marlins game Friday night. According to our tattle, the duo wanted to be seen and were they ever, pawing and prodding each other like Kevin Federline at an all you can eat buffet. Says our source, the duo was "all over each other at Blade where they were sucking face for like an hour without coming up for air." The snitch also tells us Hudson was acting like "an out of control teenager, giving A-Rod what seemed to be a lapdance." We hear Hudson's mom Goldie Hawn isn't too thrilled about her daughter's behavior lately either but from what we understand, it was all just a giddy girl acting all, uh, juiced up over her man. What's the big deal?