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May 17, 2009

Band from TV brings Bar Mitzvah back

While Gwyneth Paltrow was at the Delano like a lady in waiting while hubby Chris Martin did his music thing, all sorts of musical mayhem ensued over at The Shore Club, where the simply titled Band from TV turned the hipster hotel into a rockin' frat party of sorts, only at this party it seemed like the band had more fun than the audience. That said, it was all good fun and for good, charitable causes. Led by a very, uh, lively Teri Hatcher (backed by hearty doses of Tequila,according to our roadie spies), The Band from TV was not unlike a very lively Bar Mitzvah band with Heroes stars Adrian Pasdar (guitar) and Greg Grunberg (drums), House's resident Aussie and fine fiddler Jesse Spencer, Hatcher's Desperate Housewives costar James Denton, The Bachelor's Bob Guiny (vocals), who really seemed to be digging this gig, possibly practicing for a future stint on American Idol, and special guest vocalist and alleged Spencer galpal Louise Griffiths, actress and former pop tart and member of the all girl band Orchid. Words can't really do this experience the proper justice--or lack thereof, so check out the video of their splashy finale here. Spoiler alert: Hatcher jumps into the pool (fast forward to 4:38) at the end and increases her body weight from one to two ounces. The band was all over the dial, covering tunes by Charlie Daniels, Pink, John Mellencamp, Kid Rock and even the soundtrack from O Brother Where Art Thou. And although it goes without saying, none of the TV stars, with perhaps the exception of Spencer and his fine fiddlin', should quit their day jobs. Ever. And to that point, we will never quit ours and become a director or videographer. Watch the following Blair Witch Project meets Band from TV video at your own risk:


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It was an awesome night! Jesse Spencer and his fiddle were amazing. This man's got talent. The rest of the band was fine too. They were all very kind (and funny too) and we shouldn't forget that they're doing all of this for charity. I enjoy myself very much!

Lesley Abravanel

It was great fun. They all looked like they genuinely had a blast...and all for charity (and maybe a little free booze, ahahha!)

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