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April 20, 2009

Earn your degree in partying at The University of Miami


As the press release so perfectly put it, "Dreaded by universities, praised by students--it's the most notorious ranking in education: Playboy's Top Party Schools."  And guess who snagged the number one spot? University of Miami. Congrats, we guess, on this dubious distinction--it's come a long way since the school was chastized back in the 60s and 70s when the joke was that "Underwater Basketweaving" was the most popular major. Sigh.
This just in: In celebration of this delightful ranking, Playboy is throwing a big party Thursday, April 30 from 10 p.m.-2 a.m. at Mr. Moe's in the Grove featuring Miss May 2009, Crystal McCahill, and hip hop artist Kenan Bell.  You think UM prez Donna Shalala will be there too?


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Every time I go to UM main campus students are studying, have laptops out working in groups, having chat sessions to study together etc. If you want THE PARTY SCHOOL go to UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA. I attended the NIT basketball game and in front of UF main entrance, just across the street at a frat house, was a rubber blow up swim pool with guys in swim suits pouring beer into the pool, all holding beer cups and it was only 6 pm - broad daylight!!


If you want a real party school take a ride north to Penn State. You will get co eds boozing in swimsuits in broad daylight but chances are there is no game, its a weekday and its november (cold)


there's a party in my pants. bring a friend.

Frank Diaz

There have been way too many honors bestowed upon the University of Miami, and distinguished graduates to allow this distinction to somehow lower the standards of education and the professionalism that they have instilled in many Alumni making a difference in the World. They boast the #1 undergraduate Business program in FL, have some of the most advanced medical professionals and researches in the medical school and have shown time after time, that the alumni community and many donors believe in the importance of UM and have done so by creating ahead of schedule, a 1 BILLION DOLLAR ENDOWMENT.

1993 UM Alumna

They may party, but today's UM students are some of the best, brightest, and hard working students around. As an alumna, as I walk around our campus, I see scholars - many of who also spend countless hours giving back to the community through volunteerism and leadership. What this ranking tells me is that our students truly have it all! GO CANES

Lesley Abravanel

I am an alum as well but wondering if Harvard, Yale or Princeton ever made the Playboy list?


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common knowledge dictates that it's impossible for a school in a big city to be the best party school...there's no way the hot girls in any social setting are going to say, "hmmm you have a ferrari and condo on south beach, and you have an ibis bus pass, but i will ride with the the latter."...for this basic reason alone, at least half the people (ie THE GUYS who are not scions to billion dollar fortunes--though there are several at um) will never be getting their end of the party bargain...i was a student there last year and i have seen the football and basketball players in the library with really scrubby looking girls..goes without saying at party schools they would be the big men on campus..these surveys rotate nicely to keep certain schools relevant and mean nothing..playboy is so dated as far as relevancy also.as far as um being a respected place for scholarship: the school is maintained impeccably. the grounds are fresh and beautiful and the young people are well dressed, so much so even the not hot ones look ok.....but the school is, without hyperbole, the most expensive education that offers the least quality in return in all of america..even compared to usc it's crap, let alone ucla.sorry to say it but it's true. miami's just not a school town.


Playboy is a dying company was past its prime. They had to do a fake "Reality show" to try to stay afloat look for them to go under within the next 3 years. Basically they have no credibility as a publication or company.


No way I have to say its University of Florida for party school. University of Miami and Florida International University are noway near UF in partying other than being in Miami.

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