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April 23, 2009

Denise Richards' "Funbags" not so fun for South Beach luggage store

Denise Richards proves she has a sense of humor in this video parodying her, uh, baggage, but what's not funny is that the phone number in the video happens to be that of South Beach's Luggage Gallery and the owner is not amused. Owner Bharat Raja Chatani has contacted the website and his lawyer, saying "Since 9  a.m. we have received over fifty calls. I am demanding that this link be removed immediately as it is disruptive to my business. I have contacted my lawyer and if this is not removed immediately we will seek legal action and compensatory damage for loss, defamation and disruption to my business." Hmmm, what if Richards made an in-store appearance where she could hawk her "Funbags" live and in person?