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March 07, 2009

Britney Spears brings the circus to Miami Children's Hospital

BritFinally, some positive news about Britney Spears. The singer stopped by Miami Children's Hospital today thanks to pediatric radiologist Ricardo Restrepo and Director of Media for Southern Wine and Spirits America, Lee Schrager, who arranged for the surprise visit with sick kids. The two are close friends with someone involved with Spears's tour and suggested she visit the hospital, which is one of 19 in the country offering the Big Apple Circus Clown Care program, a community outreach program that brings the joys of the circus to hospitalized children at 19 leading pediatric facilities across the United States. "Because of the clown theme of her tour, I assumed her visit would be a natural tie in for a hospital with clowns," Schrager says. "From there it all happened quick, and the next thing we know, we got the call saying Britney Spears was coming to the hospital and donating $100,000 to the Big Apple Circus Clown Care Program." And now, onto the real circus at the American Airlines Arena where we are sure the hair extensions not seen this afternoon are firmly, we hope, in place.


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Wow she's doing more than most of the celebs that just party here but don't do anything for the community , good for her


Lesley...Britney saving her voice.. How much voice does it take to lip-sync ? Please all she wanted was to buy some good will, but i will celebrate the 100K donation. Let us know if the check cleared.


It's hard on your voice to lip synch, BoBo--imagine all the control it takes not to let out a vile, inaudible shriek? heheheh. We can only hope the check clears as she shops her way thru the Village of Merrick park right now. And PS : I think her dad is in total control of her a la Joe Simpson, which, in her case, isn't such a bad thing. Hence the hospital good will.


BoBo, I guess you prefer all the drug addict celebs and athletes that just have sex and and pass STD's here before they go back to work, oh and the occasional arrest too and they do nothing to better our city and attract wannabees.


Thanks for stopping by, but I understand it was only for a few minutes - perhaps next time it can be a little longer!

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