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February 27, 2009

The crowds on Espanola Way are about to get much more motley

Vinceneil22Look out Segafredo, you're about to get a rockin' new neighbor at 222 Espanola Way in the form of Vince Neil's Feelgoods Rock Bar, the Motley Crue-man's second South Florida boozing outpost. According to the PR rap, "Vince Neil's Feelgoods Rock Bar will provide a chic and intimate--and just a  little bit saucy--addition to the fashionable Espanola Way." Yikes. Somehow we just can't equate the words "chic" and "intimate" with Vince Neil. The bar will open to the public on Thursday, following a private opening Wednesday night with Neil himself.


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Any way to get an invite to the opening(s)?

Lesley Abravanel

Not necessarily but I don't think it can hurt to sort of just show up....wink.


I hope Vince Neil's bar makes out better than fellow Motley Crue member Tommy Lee's "Rok Bar" did.

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