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February 20, 2009

SPOILER--ER, HOAX ALERT: Don't read if you plan to watch the Oscars. Read if you plan to bet on them.

N595246209_2583781_8701We have no idea about the validity or authenticity of this, but we have received an alleged list of the winners for Sunday night's Academy Awards. How it was leaked is unknown, but it's going viral on the internet. We are checking into it's validity or lack thereof. If it's the real deal, it has saved many four hours of their lives. Update: So the Academy claims it's a hoax, but what may be hoax-ier is if these supposed winners suddenly became losers Sunday. Hmmmm.


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fake. they just put the favorites on there.


This is GREAT! Now with the money I am expecting from that Nigerian prince, I can bet it all on the Oscar's!


Lesley Abravanel

Hahahahahah, what? That's MY money from the Nigerian prince....:)

Buck Winthrop

No one knows who the winners are except the accounting firm who does the talley. They certainly don't sent out a memo that can be copied on facebook!

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