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February 25, 2009

Segafredo South of Fifth shut down?

Signs_o_the_times_wtf800pxAfter President Obama's speech last night, we expected to awake to optimism. Not so much. Phone was ringing off the hook this morning, telling us that Segafredo's recently opened South of Fifth space next to the space formerly known as Opium, shut down last night--for good. "Around six last night, the owners ran out telling everyone to leave," says our spy. "That was it. Everything's gone. The furniture, everything." Apparently there was a U-Haul taking everything out of the place. An inside source says they were lacking business and there's a lien on the property. Shame. We contacted 'fredo's publicist, who also just found out this morning, and will soon receive an official statement.

And here's that statement:

We have made the decision to close Segafredo South Pointe and relocate to the exciting and historical location of 500 Espanola Way. We are thrilled to provide the same great espresso, food, drinks, service and atmosphere at Segafredo Española Way that our guests have been accustomed to at our other locations in Brickell and Bal Harbour.


V&E Restaurant Group


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We were there last night at 5 PM and they were taking the televisions off the wall.

Shoot! I was just starting to like that place!


That was fast...

Stacy Conde

So sad. Surely Rick Sanchez could have stopped such a thing from happening had he only known.


Rick is the panacea for all the world's ills....oh wait, he IS a world ill..never mind.


TRANSLATION: We blundered the opening, blew the marketing, overpriced the food, undervalued overall food & beverage quality, didn't properly align with our competitor on Lincoln Road, didn't have the traffic we should have, didn't have an actual executed lease, gave Eric a piece of the pie, and he threw us out when we reported pathetic revenues on a daily and weekly basis.


Wow, someone knows their stuff!

Segafredo Insider

Sorry guys you have wrong info.

Segafredo had sub-lease with Opium. Opium left, so segafredo was forced by land owner to either take over the whole building or leave the premises. They chose the latter, packed and will reopen soon in Espanola.


Anyone know what's going to be the new address of Segafredo on Española?

Lesley Abravanel

address is above in their statement


500 Espanola Way- Its beautiful!


Mrdirk, clearly you are one of the many un-informed and totally prejudice people that plague South Beach due to an inferiority complex, simply to ramble on online about things you simply pull out of your rear end.

Segafredo Insider has the correct info regarding the move to Espanola way, and anyone with more than one braincell can understand that Espanola Way is a much better option anyways.

If you actually looked at the menu and compared the prices, not only in the area, but all over the beach, you will find that Segafredo Espanola has some of the best prices in town, WITH QUALITY FOOD THAT TASTES AWESOME.

So either get of your horse, or get out of town, because it is people like you that are turning South Beach into the little hole it is becoming on a daily basis.

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